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Start your Sports, Fitness and Recreation career

If life’s a game, then a career in sports, fitness and recreation might be for you

Start your Sports, Fitness and Recreation career

If you love the great outdoors, working up a sweat or motivating people to achieve their best, then a career in the Sports, Fitness and Recreation sector might be perfect for you.

Careers in this industry includes everything from coaching, personal training, centre or gym management, development officer or many other job roles. Australia has always been known as a sporting nation, and that love of sport looks set to continue.

Spotlight on a strong industry

Occupations within the sports, fitness and recreation sector experienced strong growth in employment levels between 2000 and 2017, with further strong growth forecast until 2022. Entry to and progression in this field generally requires medium skill levels, with more than three years of training to a Certificate III/IV level, or equivalent experience.

Roles that are predicted to be in high demand in this industry include:

  • fitness instructors
  • sports coaches, instructors, and officials
  • information officers
  • sports advertising, sports public relations
  • conference and event organisers

Spotlight on flexibility

If work-life balance is important to you, then a career in sports, fitness and recreation could offer the flexibility you crave. A fair percentage of employment in this sector is casual or part-time, especially when focussing on personal or fitness training.

Sports centre manager pathway course: Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management

Spotlight on current skills shortages: Be in demand

For those wanting a growing, in demand career, sports, fitness and recreation offers just that. Currently employers have identified a skills shortage in candidates going for roles in the sector, with the main ones being: technical/job-specific skills, self-management, teamwork and communication and problem solving.

However, to further enhance your employability, in addition to the specific technical skills needed for each role, employers are increasingly looking for a range of generic skills like:

  • communication
  • marketing
  • initiative and enterprise (i.e.: small business management)
  • sports administration
  • computer literacy


Your career pathway

TAFE NSW offers a variety of courses that can lead to a lucrative and fulfilling career in Sports, Fitness and Recreation. All of our teachers are industry experts with many years’ experience in the field, so if you really want to kick goals in an exciting career and graduate with job ready skills and knowledge, take a look at the variety of courses we offer.


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