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Stay safe and stay in touch

TAFE NSW Counselling and Career Services give an update on services and your wellbeing.

Stay safe and stay in touch

Is TAFE NSW Counselling and Career Services still operating?

Yes. TAFE NSW Counselling and Career Services are still open and operating.  They are operating in most cases according to their usual times: Monday to Friday during business hours.  There will be some appointments available after 5pm, but you will need to check with your local campus counselling unit.

TAFE Counsellors have been making changes by ensuring services can continue by telephone and other means. People can discuss their current career situation, existing skills and experience and their goals. We will help to identify a TAFE NSW course solution.

Who can access counselling? And how can they access counselling?

Any enrolled student of TAFE NSW can access the full range of counselling services for career planning, personal wellbeing matters, or educational difficulties. Members of the community who are not yet enrolled can also access TAFE Counsellors for assistance with course and career planning.


What are other TAFE NSW teams working through?

In addition to working hard to build more online learning opportunities, TAFE NSW has provided opportunities for members of the community to upskill by enrolling in fee-free* courses.


Tips for wellbeing in the COVID-19 climate

COVID-19 has delivered dramatic change to people's day-to-day lives, so tending to your wellbeing is very important. The Australian Psychological Society has produced tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety. They remind us that there are things that people can do to maintain their wellbeing, including:


Seek out factual information from reliable sources, such as public health authorities. TAFE NSW updates information on being prepared for Semester Two and other ways that ‘connected’ learning might be offered.

Keep things in perspective

It can be helpful when experiencing stress to ask yourself if you are focusing on the worst-case scenarios, overestimating how bad things are or underestimating your ability to cope at this time.

Take the reasonable precautions recommended for infection control at this time, and seek medical assessment if you start to experience symptoms.

Practise self-care

Maintaining your social connections using alternative means (phone, video conferencing, chat). Maintain your hobbies if you can. Stay healthy ensuring  you maintain a good diet, sleep well, exercise and avoid excessive drug or alcohol intake to cope with stress.

And practice mindfulness and meditation if it suits you.

Connecting with a TAFE NSW Counsellor

  • Click the 'BE Supported' button below 

  • Pick your preferred TAFE NSW location  

  • Use the phone number or email listed to start a conversation with a TAFE NSW Counsellor 

If you feel unsafe and need assistance for a mental health issue, call the Mental Health Line on 1800 011 511.

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