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TAFE NSW teachers may not be what you expect

You might be surprised at what else you get, when you earn your degree qualification with TAFE NSW.

TAFE NSW teachers may not be what you expect

When you study your degree, not only will you be surprised by the industry-relevant skills and knowledge that our teachers bring to the table, but you’ll be surprised at the amazing industry experiences that they have. And best of all – you’ll be astounded by how they can help you start your career in the industry you want.

One such TAFE NSW teacher who will surprise and astound is Diana Burgaricic.

Teachers with industry backgrounds

Diana Burgaricic is the head teacher of Accounting and Finance at TAFE NSW in Sydney, and the Lead Course Coordinator for the Applied Commerce Financial Planning major for all of TAFE NSW. And like all TAFE NSW teachers, she’s an industry expert.

“Prior to coming to TAFE New South Wales, I worked at Qantas as a treasury risk manager, looking after their foreign exchange portfolio,” Diana said.

“We're not professors, we're not undertaking research. We're there to actually demonstrate to the students how, what they're learning out of a textbook, actually applies to industry.”

Classes focused on industry trends

By being immersed within their industry, teachers like Diana are more capable of delivering up to date, industry-relevant training to students who want to hit the ground running.

“As a teacher, I keep on top of industry trends on a regular basis in a variety of different ways,” Diana says. “That allows me to liaise and have contact with industry professionals and get a good understanding of what's happening and what's required; the current industry changes and how I can bring that back into the classroom and in particular, amend our curriculum and our assessment details.”

Students with industry jobs

Not only are degree students being taught industry-relevant skills by industry experienced teachers, but TAFE NSW teachers are also helping students to begin their careers within the industry through our network of over 25,000 industry connections.

 “I get phone calls on a regular basis from employers actually asking for students. They’re looking for TAFE NSW students because they understand that those students are ready and have the skills to start working and applying what they've learned immediately.

“Eighty-five percent of our students will actually have gained employment before they graduate - and that's in their discipline area. So, for example, I look after financial planning, and our students have all gained work within financial planning.”

Beyond the classes, beyond the skills and knowledge, and beyond the qualifications, TAFE NSW helps to connect our students to jobs within their chosen industry, helping to rocket them along their career trajectory.

“They're just over the moon because they have completed their studies and are working and all their dreams have come true.”

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