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These 3 degrees could change your life, for real

Whether you're in these industries or want to get into these industries, here are 3 future-proofed degrees.  

These 3 degrees could change your life, for real

Before the 3 degrees that could change your life (for the better), here are 3 things about TAFE NSW Degrees:

1. You do not require an ATAR. That doesn't mean they are 'easy'. They are just more real. There’s an application process, so your career skills and experience are taken into account.   

2. Linked to employers. There will be projects,  interactions and connections with employers and workplaces.

3. It's not university. Obviously. Class sizes are small so you'll know your lecturers. It's collaborative, there's lots of teamwork, and study is flexible and not linked to your standard academic calendar. 


Community Services

 The community services job sector is predicted to grow strongly over the next five years. So there are lots of job openings predicted. But most people switch to this sector for the amazing rewards.   

With a TAFE NSW Bachelor of Community Services, you’ll be qualified to work in a wide variety of roles within government and non-government agencies, ranging from management and intervention to specialist practise. How you choose to direct your studies is up to you. You will have the chance to specialise in areas like disability services, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and settlement work.  

This is an online degree, studied through TAFE Digital. That means you’ll have the flexibility to create your own schedule. You’ll also have all the support you need, as well as the two practical work placements that are included in the course.  

To help you along your journey, TAFE NSW has pathways that can take you from a Certificate III course to a Diploma, then into the Community Services Degree. Then armed with the right skills, knowledge and training of a TAFE NSW Degree, you can establish a successful new career in community services.  


Information Technology

Perhaps problem solving and digital security is more your style. And maybe you don’t even know it yet.   

Vera Wong was studying graphic design until her credit card was stolen. Her money was taken, and her personal information was used to scam other victims. To help other people avoid situations similar to hers, Vera was inspired to enrol in the Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Security) degree course at TAFE NSW.   

A lot of job openings are expected over the course of the next five years, and the industry is expect to grow quite strongly. That means that a TAFE NSW degree could be your ticket to an exciting and prosperous new future.  

TAFE NSW offers two IT degrees, one in Network Security, and another degree in Data Infrastructure Engineering.  


Early Childhood

Early childhood and education is a growth area with great prospects.  When you graduate, you'll be ready to work in settings such as day care, preschool, integrated child and family services. You will undertake a work placement each semester that allows you to apply what you've learned in a real setting.  

With such a rewarding job, it’s unsurprising that students like Yemima Christy are furthering their careers with qualifications like the TAFE NSW Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care.    

“I love teaching and there are lots of pathways after the Degree. I could open my own centre, or family daycare or teach other early childhood teachers,” says Yemima.   

To help ease you into a Degree course, TAFE NSW has pathways that can take you from a Certificate III to a Diploma, to the Early Childhood Degree. And make sure you check with TAFE NSW to learn how you can get course credit for your previous experience. Let us know about your previous experience – you might be surprised how it could help you take a short cut to a TAFE NSW degree.  

Early bird entry

With the TAFE NSW Degrees Early Entry Program, you could receive a conditional offer sooner than you think!  TAFE NSW Degrees are linked directly to career goals so your journey will be focused and rewarding.


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