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Employee training: 5 reasons why it's important

Employee training comes in many forms, but all of these are designed to enhance knowledge and skills relevant to an employee’s role. There are many reasons why employers might offer training, including inducting new recruits and keeping existing staff up to date with changes in technology. Aside from these obvious scenarios, there are plenty of other reasons why employers should invest in employee training.

1. Increase staff satisfaction

Often the most immediate effect that comes from staff training is an increase in employee satisfaction. Offering development opportunities shows employees that they are valued, fosters an environment of growth and learning, and provides a clear advantage over companies where employees are forced to seek out training on their own. Conversely, employees who feel inadequate or unsupported are much less satisfied at work. They are more likely to underperform, make mistakes, or simply not care about their work. Making sure your employees feel both qualified and challenged will increase productivity and reduce employee turnover. It will also prevent competitors from poaching your talent with training opportunities.

2. Reduce costly errors

Mistakes always come at a cost. Whether this cost is lost time, wasted materials or both, it goes without saying that it’s in your company's best interests to reduce the number of errors made by your employees. A business that makes frequent mistakes is less efficient, wastes resources, and can even lose customers as a result. Highly trained staff are both less likely to make errors in the first place, and better equipped to rectify mistakes when they do occur.

3. Create internal promotion opportunities

For many companies, hiring new staff is an expensive and time-consuming process. By implementing a staff training and development program, your employees have the ability to upskill and become qualified for new roles. Internal promotions are a great incentive for staff to perform well and add to their skillset. Plus, promoting from within your company ensures that each position will be filled by someone with a good understanding of your business and a history of satisfactory job performance.

4. Eliminate weak points in your team

It’s a simple truth that most people have weaknesses in their skillset, and your employees are no different. Not only will a training program allow you to strengthen these skills, but it can also help to bring all employees up to a similar level of skill, knowledge and performance. With consistent ability levels across your team, your employees will be better equipped to help each other manage tasks and balance workloads without the need for supervision. It will also reduce instances of underskilled workers relying on others to help get their work done, which is a drain on company time and resources. When it comes down to it, trained staff are simply more efficient.

5. Trained staff reflect well on your company

Confident and knowledgeable staff are more likely to be innovative and constantly striving to improve. Regular employee training will also ensure that your staff are on top of the latest industry developments and trends. A workforce of well-informed, interested and innovative employees will undoubtedly help to cement your company’s reputation as a leading name and strong competitor within the industry.

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