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How to foster employee loyalty: 5 steps to foster trust and commitment

Employee loyalty can have a significant impact on your company’s success; in fact, reliable employees are the glue that keeps a business together. Read on to find out how to build a work environment that inspires loyalty in your team.

1. Find the right fit

It might sound obvious, but spending a little more time on your hiring process can ensure you get the best person for the role. Employees who are well-suited to their roles are more inclined to stay loyal to their company, and less likely to seek out other companies which better suit their talents and interests. Look for personality, values and examples of previous work to get a feel of how well each candidate will fit within your company.

2. Create a healthy team atmosphere

Make your workplace a pleasant and enjoyable place to spend time. This can include anything from changing the decor, furniture and lighting to organising social events that boost interpersonal relationships and team morale. Poor management and social cliques can affect employee satisfaction and force them to look for other opportunities. Employees who are happy at work and feel at ease within their team produce better results and are less likely to look for a satisfactory work environment somewhere else.

3. Value your employees’ ideas

Treating your employees like equals and praising them for good suggestions will make them feel like they are valued and moving forward within the business. Listen to your employees’ ideas and give them credit where credit is due. If your employees feel like their input isn’t important, they may become less productive and, if it continues for a long period of time, they may start to look for other opportunities. Employees who feel respected in the workplace are more likely to be loyal and willing to share their ideas with colleagues and managers.

4. Involve them in the bigger picture

Inspire loyalty in your workplace by showing your employees how they contribute to the company as a whole. Seeing the bigger picture can make your staff feel respected and valued in their roles. The fact that you’ve been transparent and show them the inner workings of the business will make them feel like they are an important asset to the company, cementing their loyalty to you. This is especially true when compared to organisations where employees are segregated into specialised departments, with little knowledge or input on how the company functions as a whole.

5. Give your employees room to grow

Once you’ve cultivated a talented workforce, keep them from going elsewhere by creating opportunities for advancement within your own company. Many employees will end up leaving for increased pay or development opportunities, simply because there is no way of moving up in their current company. To keep your staff loyal, create an environment that stimulates growth and make sure there’s room for them to develop—along with your company.

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