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Building a career with animals

Zoe always knew she wanted to work with animals. From school to the vet, she has forged her dream career with TAFE NSW. 

Building a career with animals

Zoe was so keen to sink her teeth into her career that she decided to study the Certificate III in Animal Studies online with TAFE NSW before she enrolled in Veterinary Nursing.

“You have a year to complete the online course, but I did it in three months because I enjoyed it so much,” Zoe says. “Doing the online course showed me that I was really interested in the course subject and it made it clear that’d I love the Vet Nursing Certificate IV."

Now she continues to build on that passion by making sure her skills will be recognised around the country, and are exactly what her career needs. With TAFE NSW flexible study options, Zoe is able to work with a vet while she is studying for career progression as a veterinary nurse.

“I have wanted to be a vet nurse since I was a kid and now, I am finally doing it. I can’t imagine doing anything different!”

Enjoy Zoe's story.

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