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Consulting the real expert to find the best course

When 'society' expects you to go to university, but you know that a TAFE NSW degree is the best fit for you and your career, it's nice to know that someone has your back. When that someone is your mum, that’s incredibly nice.

 Consulting the real expert to find the best course

An open mind and a collaborative approach to decision-making led Emma-Jane's family to choose a Bachelor of Interior Design at TAFE NSW. Good degree choice? Well, yes. Because it led to A) a sought-after job in her design field before she even graduated; B) a TAFE NSW award; and C) smiles all around.

“It was really more important for us, for her to follow what she was passionate about, what she loved and we knew she'd get the best out of an education here at TAFE for her, than what she would get out of a larger university,“ says Tracey, Emma-Jane's mum. “She'd get excellent teaching, which she did, really one-on-one, and a very thorough, well rounded course.”

The industry-relevant, hands-on skills that TAFE NSW teaches seemed to have a large impact on Emma-Jane's study decision, but class and campus size and atmosphere also factored into her choice. Studying at TAFE NSW turned out to be the perfect choice.

Check out Tracey's view of Emma-Jane's TAFE NSW journey.

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