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Double down on your career

Your life is yours. Here’s the second in our series on TAFE NSW people who do it their way.

Double down on your career

Last month we put on our safety gear and climbed trees with Kai. Now it’s time to step into the office with Katherine.

Katherine completed a Bachelor of Applied Commerce (Accounting and Financial Planning) at TAFE NSW, and became the TAFE NSW higher education program's first ever double major graduate.


Why did you do a TAFE NSW degree?

"I wanted to find a job in the finance industry and I discovered that TAFE NSW has an excellent internship program, which would help me get into the industry faster.

The other things that appealed to me over my university options, was the fact that the classes are smaller and not crowded."


Why are small classes good?

"It helped me to boost my confidence. I was able to share and present my ideas comfortably.

At TAFE NSW, everyone gets a chance to be involved in activities and workshops. We all brainstorm and learn from each other through communication."

And the internship helped?

"Yes, the internship helped just helped me get my foot in the door and secure ongoing employment as a tax accountant.

While studying for the degree and after completing an internship, I was offered a role as an assistant accountant and soon promoted to tax accountant.

Internships are great ways for students to stand out to potential employers."


Studying and internship helped in ‘partnership’?

"Yes. TAFE NSW has prepared me with not only technical skills in accounting and finance but also soft skills in communication, leadership, teamwork, planning and goal setting.

I also gained a high level of proficiency in software needed for the job like MYOB for accounting and Xplan for financial planning."


What about the financial planning major?

"I am looking at options for both professional and personal applications of the finaical planning qualification and skills."


And the teachers were okay?

"Yes. Great. The teachers are wonderfully optimistic and energetic when it comes to teaching. They always support students – even in lunchtimes – and answer any questions that need explaining."


Now let’s hear from Katherine’s teacher

Katherine’s Accounting and Finance Teacher, Marriane Said, says that the degree program at TAFE NSW gives students as much real world experience as possible so they can enter the workforce fully trained.

“Graduates from our Bachelor of Applied Commerce go on to have excellent career prospects. In fact, most of our graduates are able to secure work in the industry before they finish their degree," she says.


"We expose our students to as many opportunities as possible, including internships, networking events and competitions so they have a higher chance of gaining employment through the degree.

The course is also accredited with peak industry bodies CPA/CAA, FASEA and the TPB, and that helps students to meet professional registration and legislative requirements."


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