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Entrepreneur skills: the key to start up in Australia

Whether your start-up is high-tech or simply a community-based initiative, online learning and entrepreneurial skills are key.

Entrepreneur skills: the key to start up in Australia

For more than a decade, Novela Corda worked in India's development sector, particularly in the areas of women’s empowerment, education and community. But when she relocated to Sydney to start a new life, she faced her own unexpected challenges.

Succeeding through support

“I found it difficult to meet people, to find my way around,” says Novela, who left her work, family and friends behind in India. “I felt disoriented.”

Novela, pictured, followed her passion and enrolled in an online course in early childhood education and care. And because the course she enrolled in with TAFE Digital was career-focused, it came with the support she needed to make valuable connections.

“My study at TAFE Digital has helped to empower me in the digital space,” says Novela.

Making connections

When she did start making connections, she quickly found that she was not alone. Women had similar experiences of detachment. So working alongside her friend, Maia, she vowed to help other migrant women feel less alone when they first move to Australia.

Suddenly her energies and new connections were creating pathways.

“TAFE Digital connected me to learning opportunities and support, and opened doors. For example, it helped provide a pathway to SSE which has been great for me.”

Building entrepreneurial skills

Novela says she was lucky to stumble across the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE). Her fledgling organisation, Key into Australia, secured a small grant from a local council to help with a pilot. However, Novela and Maia were determined to build something that was scalable, sustainable, and had a long-lasting impact.

Thankfully, by using the business model canvas as a starting point, the SSE Activation Unit gave them the skills and vision they needed to take the next step.

“The program helped us - and Key into Australia - to gain clarity, refine our ideas and develop a business model.”

Make your move

Hear from successful female entrepreneurs

If you are a woman looking to establish a micro-business, a small business, or you already operate a business, then the Women in Business program is for you. This NSW Government and TAFE NSW initiative, offers you a fully subsidised (eligibility criteria apply) online program that can give you great skills you need as well as essential business advice from women who have succeeded in building their businesses.

Women in Business