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Feel supported

If you’re thinking about ​​​​​​​study but aren’t sure if you can make it through a whole course - don't stress. We’ve got your back.

Feel supported

From study support, to counselling and career advice, TAFE NSW has loads of support services to help you. So it doesn’t matter what kind of roadblock you hit, we have the support you need to navigate around it, or plow right through it.

Learning and study assistance

If you are struggling with your studies, our Learning Centres are here to help you.

Situated in each of our TAFE NSW locations, Learning Centres offer free assistance with:

  • literacy and numeracy
  • communication skills
  • operating computers
  • subject-specific support.

Hit up your local TAFE NSW Campus to find out how our Learning Centres can help you.

Personal counselling

A majority of people, at some point in their lives, will experience a mental health issue. There is nothing to be ashamed about if you do find yourself struggling. What's important, is that you know that help is available every session is totally free of charge.

Most TAFE NSW locations have professional counsellors on their grounds and there is no limit on the amount of sessions you can have with our counsellors.

Career and study counselling

If you don't know what career path you should follow, what course to study, or what to do next, the counsellors at TAFE NSW can help you sort yourself out.

When you book a session with a counsellor, they can help you to:

  • clarify your career goals
  • pick the right course
  • plan your career pathway
  • work through any educational difficulties you may be having
  • develop study skills.


Disability support

If you have a disability (physical or psychiatric), we are here to support you through your studies.

Depending on your needs, we can provide you with access to:

  • tutorial support
  • adaptive technologies
  • sign-language interpreters
  • note-takers
  • disability assistants
  • classroom support
  • assessment modifications

Reach out to your TAFE NSW location to make an appointment with our Disability Services and see how we can help you.

International student support

If you are a TAFE NSW international student, we have loads of support services available for you (free of charge).

Our Learning Centres offer support with English, maths and communication skills. You can also brush up on and study skills like note-taking, library and internet research, and exam preparation.

Some locations also offer non-TAFE NSW students, English, maths and communication assistance for a small fee.

Discover how we can help you

Studying at TAFE NSW means being guided along the road to success. So even if you don’t know what help you need, but know that you need some help, drop into your local TAFE NSW Learning Centre for a friendly chat.

BE Supported