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Invest in your future with a TAFE NSW Degree

Get the best start with hands-on learning and unlimited opportunities.

 Invest in your future with a TAFE NSW Degree

Ron Rocio did his research and of all the courses, in all the world, he decided to do his Bachelor of Applied Commerce majoring in Financial Planning with TAFE NSW.

Want to know why?

TAFE NSW has a great reputation for cost-effective, quality education which is focused on getting students job-ready. There are so many benefits.

Degree qualification with practical learning

“I reviewed the curriculum options at university but discovered that I could get the same qualification with more valuable hands-on learning opportunities which were more cost-effective at TAFE NSW," says Ron.

“I did lots of research and quickly discovered TAFE NSW was a good fit for me. It offered a more hands-on approach to learning and the recommendations from others led me to discover that I could get a more personalised approach to learning which was important to me,” says Ron.

Now, he is taking his skills into a job with his role at Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) while he continues his degree with TAFE NSW.

Unique opportunities

Ron had was awarded a scholarship to study a unique subject through TAFE NSW's Sydney School of Entrepreneurship.

"I got a full scholarship for the Navigator Unit. It is an amazing chance to collaborate and develop networks with students from major Sydney universities and experts in the business.

'You know what the good thing about this is?" Ron says, "I thought like, 'Oh, I'm from TAFE and they're from bigger unis, they might know more.' But no, TAFE NSW students can hold their own and even better," says Ron

What are you waiting for?

TAFE NSW degrees are taught by industry experts in dynamic, progressive learning environments, with access to industry-standard facilities and equipment. Together with our strong industry links and a diverse range of extracurricular student programs, our degree courses set you apart from the crowd.


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