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It's always time for a degree

It's the right time to get a degree, but only if it's the right degree. Think about making the transfer to TAFE NSW.

It's always time for a degree

Time to lift yourself up

Maybe you just need a fresh challenge, or that added qualification to get your career to the next level. Maybe you are busy and don't want to waste time and money. Maybe it's time for a TAFE NSW Degree.

Hit the ground running

TAFE NSW graduate Charlie Le was able to land a graduate position at a leading bank while he was only in his second year of his TAFE NSW Bachelor of Property Valuation course.

“I think that shows how competitive TAFE is compared to other university degrees,” he says.

“I was in a room full of other university students who had already finished, and I was in my second year at TAFE and they gave me the job!

“We got hands-on experience - industry experience. When I did my interview, I was way ahead of the other graduates who had more theoretical-based knowledge.

"I was already invaluable to the company. They didn’t need to train me as much – I could just walk in there and go ‘hey look, I already know how to do this.’ I could hit the ground running and that was a major selling point for me,” Charlie says.


Experienced teachers you can rely on 

If you’ve ever had to sit through a lesson taught by a bad teacher, then you no doubt know the value of a great teacher. One who inspires and makes learning not only easier, but a pleasure.

All of our Degree courses are taught by teachers who are experts in their industry. Many have won awards in their respective fields and still consult or work in the sector. You are learning from industry insiders.

This means that not only are you receiving training that’s up to date with the latest industry processes but you may also have the opportunity to make these connections work for you during – and after – your studies.


1 + 1 = 3

You already have loads of skills from your years at work. You can combine those skills with the knowledge and training you’ll receive through a TAFE NSW Degree.

Then there's the secret add-on: your previous experience can be recognised as 'credit' towards your studies. That means you don't need to learn what you already know. Man o man, that's a great equation.


There are many degree courses for you to choose from at TAFE NSW, all taught in dynamic, progressive learning environments, with access to industry-standard facilities and equipment. Our degrees cover many different areas, including:

If you feel that your lack of formal qualifications are holding you back in your career, then a TAFE NSW Degree will give you both a highly valued piece of paper, as well as the advanced skills to back that paper up. And that’s a very appealing combination.

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