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Raving about our house as dance music home

TAFE NSW now boasts an Ableton Certified Training Centre, making it the only education provider in NSW that can offer Ableton as well as nationally recognised courses.

Raving about our house as dance music home

TAFE NSW teacher Thomas Marland at work

Learn to produce electronic music from scratch in any style you can imagine, including pop, dance, hip hop, house, dubstep, trance, ambient, chillwave, singer-songwriter, film scores or even metal. You could work as a DJ, release your own music, or produce other artists.

Abelton is a music-industry essential

The renowned Music section at TAFE NSW Ultimo is now is an official Ableton Certified Training Centre. Ableton Live is one of the most popular digital audio workstations (DAW) in the industry. The industry needs musicians who can use Ableton to create, produce and edit. DJs use Ableton Live for recording and performing.

Learn music from professional musicians

All TAFE NSW Music courses will get you industry-ready with hands on experience. TAFE NSW Ultimo has the Ableton certification courtesy of its teachers, teachers who will foster and inspire your creativity while also allowing you to tune and focus on careers and commercial opportunities. It's a classic and wonderful TAFE NSW combination

When Eric Chapus, Thomas Marland and the other TAFE NSW Electronic Music teachers aren’t making their own insanely cool music, they can give you skills and experience to get your music career moving.

Yes, but who are these teachers/artists/DJs/soundtrack composers/producers slash experts?

Thomas Marland is an expert at using Ableton for performance and in production. He has become a sought-after music-technology consultant. The long list of acts that he has worked with includes Peking Duk, Safia and Tom Thum.

Eric Chapus (pictured) is better known as Endorphin, and is a Triple J Hottest 100 artist who has released multiple albums and has produced music for movies and TV. There isn’t much he hasn’t done in his thirty years in the industry.

Your career in the electronic music industry starts here.

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