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Set a short course for 'blah blah blah'

"Get qualified for success ... blah blah blah." Oh, man! When was the last time you learnt something for fun?  

Set a short course for 'blah blah blah'

Put the finishing touches on ... you!

At TAFE NSW, we pair the words ‘learning' and ‘fun'. Learning is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. But also, blah blah blah, it might help you land your dream job and find career fulfillment! Here are some short course ideas to give you inspiration for your hobby and/or your career.

Mixology, hospitality and shaking things up

Learn the art of mixology. Shaken or stirred? Maybe you can do both in this funky one-day cocktail masterclass. While we’re on the topic, if you’re thinking of careers, TAFE NSW is the trusted provider of RSA, RCG and Liquor Licensing short courses.



Hobbies aren't all games and gardening (though we have courses for those too). Get out of the dark room and into photography. We also have a huge range of digital imaging short courses to get your career started, changed, advanced, or just for fun.



This course will give you skills in beautiful floral arrangements, specifically for events and celebrations. You'll be surrounded by foliage, delightful scents and focus on something creative! And the added bonus – you'll take your floral arrangements home with you to enjoy.



If you've ever uttered the phrase ‘but first, coffee' then we have the hobby for you! Short coffee courses will help you dial up the hipster in you and give you the skills to brew the perfect cuppa-joe.


Hair and beauty

Looking for a hobby that you can share with the squad? Hairdressing and barbering taster and short courses Courses are run by leading beauty therapy and make-up teachers to give you start-up as well as next-level skills in Beauty Therapy.


Learn to create ceramic masterpiece with everything from clay molding methods, various surface decoration techniques, firing in an kiln and mixing and applying glazes. Short ceramics courses include introduction level courses as well as expert techniques.

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