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TAFE NSW: The gold standard in jewellery making

TAFE NSW teachers are highly skilled in their craft. Watch as TAFE NSW Jewellery teacher, Rebecca Jones shows us how you can make a gold ring from a wax carving.

TAFE NSW: The gold standard in jewellery making

Studying Jewellery Manufacturing at TAFE NSW allows you to harness your creativity, flair and unique style. You can sketch up concepts and work with a client to design custom pieces of wearable art, and use a variety of traditional techniques and materials, including wax.

“With wax carving, you can get away with just basic tools for jewellery making so it’s a good technique for people who are just starting out,” Rebecca says.

Whether you want to craft your own jewellery to show off your personal style, or to start your own jewellery empire, TAFE NSW is the only place in NSW you can learn the craft.

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