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8 dream careers that are real

Yes, targeting skills shortages and skilling for the digital revolution are good. But maybe thinking outside the box can also work. Maybe you can do it all! 

8 dream careers that are real

Everyone’s got an opinion about skills needs and your study options. You can take a traineeship after advice from the Productivity Commission all the way to a degree leading to a great career.

Following your dreams can work too, because when you pursue your career with TAFE NSW, it's all about making that dream a reality. While you're checking out the below 8 amazing careers that TAFE NSW can take you to, also remember that with TAFE NSW Scholarships, your dream career can be even more achievable.

1. Mural artist

Beastman (Bradley Eastman) has shown his art around the world. You can see his work in the National Gallery of Australia. But you could run into his fabulous, large murals works anywhere in Australia because the whole country is his gallery. Explore Beastman’s story and take a course to creativity.

2. Cricket commentator

From reporting the latest news to celebrity rumours to cricket, come and develop the skills, knowledge and experience you need to become a presenter. Graduates are radio presenters, cricket commentators, podcasters and film-makers. Come and explore your future.

Jack Clifton studied Journalist and Radio Broadcasting at TAFE NSW. He now splits his time between podcasting and commentating on action from the Sheffield Shield.

“I started with Journalism at TAFE NSW and that taught be a lot of skills around writing and research,” says Jack. “Then I took those skills into a Radio Broadcasting course because that was where my passion was. At TAFE NSW I was able to get the theory as well as all those digital and technical skills that you need in the business, and the small sizes of classes make it easy to gain insight from teachers.”

3. Animal guru

Go up a river in Borneo. Run expeditions. Be a zookeeper. Groom, train, care for. Whatever you love!

Animal careers embrace all environments and touch on everything from tourism to vet nursing. Want to work with animals? Learn from industry experts like TAFE NSW teacher Darek Figa, who also moonlights as Director at the Orangutan Foundation International Australia (OFIA) organization.


4. Slack-line photographer

At 22, Aidan Williams has already had two photographs published in National Geographic. He's a freelance photographer who prefers adventure to the studio. Read more here, and capture your exciting career in photography.


5. Property valuer

Here’s a crazy-weird skill-set: economics, architecture, statistics, aesthetics, finance, people-skills. 

TAFE NSW graduate Charlie Le was able to land a graduate position at a leading bank while he was only in his second year of his TAFE NSW Bachelor of Property Valuation.

“I was in a room full of university students who had already finished, and I was in my second year at TAFE NSW and they gave me the job!“says Charlie.

“We got hands-on experience - industry experience. When I did my interview, I was way ahead of the other graduates who had more theoretical-based knowledge."

There's other property careers too, including auctioneer! Do you study how to talk fast? Find out about courses to real estate and property career.

6. Restaurant consultant

Check out Tom Walton’s career from apprentice to chef to restaurant consultant. He’s used his TAFE NSW education to make his own career as a restaurant consultant. Explore your future in the limitless world of hospitality. From The Bucket List to NUDEFISH, world-class careers start at TAFE NSW.

7. Creative agency wizard

The Bachelor of Creative Practice degree can help you hone your artistic talents and your business and entrepreneurial skills. Take a step up to a career in the arts.

8. Dance music DJ

Our teachers have a wealth of knowledge and industry experience. They are Triple J Hottest 100 artists,
Jam, record and edit in industry-standard studios. TAFE NSW music facilities are fully kitted out with the latest gear. You will gain hands-on experience with the specialty gear and you get all the skills needed for a career in the music industry.

Explore our courses, jump aboard a scholarship, or add to your skill-set with one of hundreds of short courses. BE Ambitious with TAFE NSW.

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