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Found your perfect course? Now take the next step

How to apply and enrol in a TAFE NSW course

Found your perfect course? Now take the next step

So you’ve found the new course to your career? Enrolling with TAFE NSW is fast and easy.

  1. Pick a location that suits you by clicking on the "Course Fees and Information" button on your chosen course page
  2. Take a look at the eligibility requirements
  3. For some courses you need to "Apply" – others are just “Enrol”

And that’s it. Your enrolment or application process is underway.

What’s the difference between applying and enrolling?

To enrol you must be able to meet the entry requirements, so make sure you read through the details carefully. Some courses may have prerequisites that you can meet with experience or previous study.

Application courses may be ‘competitive’ or ‘high demand'.

Your chosen course information should clearly outline how to proceed with your enrolment.

Application courses

For some high-demand or arts-based courses, you need to apply. You may also be asked to attend an interview, submit a portfolio, sit a test or take part in an audition. Your chosen course will clearly outline the requirements and how to proceed with your enrolment.

You may be asked to:

  • Prove you meet the educational requirements for your chosen course (e.g. by providing your HSC transcript or proof of your work skills)
  • Support your claim for prior recognition of learning (e.g. by providing certified copies of your previous qualification(s), transcripts of studies or other evidence)

The following are equivalent standards for the HSC

  • TAFE NSW Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation (TPC)
  • Post-school course or courses that meet the equivalent of one year of full-time assessed study (about 540 hours)
  • ROSA (Record of School Achievement) or equivalent
  • A course at AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) Certificate II level
  • The equivalent of six months' full-time training (about 270 hours)
  • At least six months' work (paid or unpaid) or voluntary community activity that reflects performance at AQF Certificate III level


The following are equivalent to the School Certificate

  • TAFE NSW Certificate II in General and Vocational Education (CGVE)
  • Completion of a post-school course at AQF Certificate II level or higher
  • A combination of study and work or life experience


Looking for more info? We’ve got it

If you want more information about applying or enrolling in a TAFE NSW course, talk to a Course Information Officer or a TAFE NSW Counsellor for education and career advice.

This is an exciting time. We’re glad to be a part of helping you into your perfect career.


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