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Sail away on a scholarship

“I made a decision early on to take every opportunity that presented itself to me but I never dreamed it would lead me to where I am today." - Renee Jones

Sail away on a scholarship

These students are seriously going places with TAFE NSW Scholarships. Imagine what could you do with yours.

Learn to cook in Taiwan

Renee Jones won the Oliver Shaul Scholarship and was able to complete three months work experience at a Michelin-star rated restaurant, Mume, in Taiwan.

“I made a decision early on to take every opportunity that presented itself to me but I never dreamed it would lead me to where I am today," ​Renee says.

Or London

Thanks to the Brett Graham Scholarship, Jacob Hobbs had the opportunity to travel to London for work experience at The Ledbury. Jacob plans to continue working in London before heading to Copenhagen to work for another year.


What could you achieve with a TAFE NSW Scholarship?

We offer and facilitate many scholarships. But they are only offered for one reason: to assist people to learn. So, share the love and apply. Here are some great tips to bear in mind when you are filling out your application.

Check the eligibility criteria

Yes, this is a pretty basic point, but it’s worth making. Completing a scholarship application can take a bit of time, so make sure you check the eligibility criteria of the scholarship before you start your application. Scholarships are not lotteries, they are always awarded based on some sort of criteria such as course area, qualification, study location or financial situation.

Know the closing date

Again, a very general piece of advice, but a good one. Start it now. Don’t wait until the last minute to apply. Plan ahead and have your application completed well before the closing date. That way, you can avoid stress and allow time for proofreading. Remember that once you get a really solid application written, much of it can be repurposed for other scholarships applications, for your CV, or even for future job applications. So don’t delay.

Answer every section

Yep, not rocket-science. And then again, it's very easy to miss a section. Make sure you answer every section, pay attention to any word count specifications, and respond to ALL of the selection criteria throughout your application.

Speak to your referee

Most scholarships will require a reference from an employer, teacher or career advisor. Make sure you give your referee plenty of notice so they have time to prepare a great statement for you.

Share the selection criteria with them. That way they will be able to sing your praises to the right tune. If they are going to take the trouble (and time) to back you up, they really do want you to succeed!

They want to be a part of your success and your story. Don’t just slip them an email or text that can easily be missed. Call or chat with them for that personal touch.


You miss out on 100% of the scholarships you don't apply for. Have a go and make the most of the opportunities available!

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