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Shape your career as a barber

Learn the professional skills and industry knowledge required to find your style and become a success in the barbering business.

Shape your career as a barber

Taking advantage of new opportunities

“I’d been looking into barbering for a while, trying to figure out the best way to start a career in the industry,” says Jack Liston.

"So, when the Certificate III in Barbering became available through TAFE NSW I was completely over the moon," says Jack.

The male grooming industry is booming, and TAFE NSW offers nationally recognised courses to help budding barbers find success in the rapidly growing field.

“I went into the course with a really strong passion for barbering, but with a small amount of knowledge and literally zero skills when it came to the actual practice of cutting hair. I needed the TAFE NSW course to learn the fundamental skills and I’m now building on those skills every day.”

Building skills, knowledge and confidence

Barbering at TAFE NSW teaches students a range of well-developed sales, consultation and technical skills and knowledge.

“I’d always been into general style and aesthetic but hadn’t really found a career path that enabled me to pursue those interests in a way that I found both stimulating and rewarding until now.

"I love when the work I’ve done for someone helps improve their confidence or gives the finishing touch that they’re looking for - it’s an awesome feeling.”

Dedication leads to achievement

Using skills harnessed at TAFE NSW, Jack is now a qualified barber at a trendy, parlour-style barbershop in Barangaroo, creating contemporary cuts as well as providing traditional barber services.

“To have finished my apprenticeship and find myself in a job that I love going to every day definitely feels like a big achievement to me.”


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