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Start your career in Art and Design

When you want to start or progress your career performing, making, displaying, creating, or recording, take the time to look into the future. 

Start your career in Art and Design

Unleash your creativity with a career in Art and Design. Expand your ideas and explore new techniques in purpose-built studios, work-spaces and galleries, as well as master portfolio preparation, exhibition and administrative skills needed to turn your creativity into a successful career.

The future of careers in these industries is incorporating an increasingly wide variety of skills, not previously heard of in the more traditional sense. So if you previously held yourself back from a career in this field, look again; the arts and design industry of today might just have the perfect job for you.

Spotlight on industry skills

While the ability to create, design, and perform is essential to making your mark, for those who truly want become successful within the arts and design industries, you need to be driven by strong values, and possess a range of complimentary soft skills.

According to industry forecasts, the top priority soft skills in the arts and design sectors are:

  • communication
  • collaboration and virtual collaboration
  • social intelligence
  • design mindset
  • thinking critically and problem solving
  • entrepreneurial
  • learning agility adaptability
  • intellectual autonomy
  • self-management
  • technological

TAFE NSW teachers are all industry experts who shape their courses to reflect modern trends evolving within the arts and design sector. So when you choose to study at TAFE NSW, you can be assured that the skills and knowledge you learn, will help you to start your creative career the right way.

Spotlight on industry career: Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use their skills in technical design, communications and media, fine arts, and computers and electronics to design a range of information for visual communication, publication, and display, for a variety of print, film, and digital media.

TAFE NSW graphic designer pathway courses:

  • Certificate III in Design Fundamentals (CUA30715)
  • Certificate IV in Design (CUA40715)
  • Diploma of Graphic Design (CUA50715)
  • Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design (CUA60315)
  • Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation (HE20520)


Spotlight on top careers: Be in demand

With the exception of the Sydney, Murray and Mid North Coast regions, where graphic designer took out the top place, over the last 12 months in NSW, there have been over 500 online job postings for visual merchandisers. Those numbers made visual merchandiser the most advertised occupation in the arts and design industry area, across all regions.*

If you want a creative career with real job prospects, then studying visual merchandising at TAFE NSW could be the way to make your mark on the industry.

TAFE NSW visual merchandiser pathway course:

  • Diploma of Visual Merchandising (SIR50217)


TAFE NSW has Bachelor Degree options in this career area

TAFE NSW Degrees are taught by industry experts in dynamic, progressive learning environments. You don't need an ATAR, but you will graduate with a qualification that will change your future.


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*Excludes the Hunter Valley region which did not have any online job postings in this industry area during the period analysed