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The fast lane from school

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The fast lane from school

Elleyce has completed a Certificate III in Property Services CPP30307 at TAFE NSW and been issued with a property certificate of registration. She aims to become a licensed real estate agent and auctioneer by 2021. Oh, yeah... Elleyce is only 17.

Seventeen?! TAFE NSW asked how she manages to do it all.

OK, what's the short story? Skip to the part about your advice for others...

They say that seventy percent of students are leaving school to study at university. For me, this is a long and expensive road, and may not necessarily lead to employment.

I had a passion for real estate and knew I didn’t want to spend my time learning things I didn’t need to. I just wanted to get into it.

I think people should experience careers and jobs for real. It helps you figure out if you like it. Doing TAFE NSW training while you’re at school really helps you to do that in a safe and supported way.


So what got you on this express road?

I had a passion for real estate. I just loved going to open homes, attending auctions, and watching all the property TV shows.

There was a few of us from school and we started studying real estate at TAFE NSW: combining HSC studies with a School Based Traineeship. It kept me motivated and focused, and gave me a clear pathway to employment from school.

I believe that being a School Based Trainee was the best opportunity in order to get myself ahead. Once I complete school I will have a position at LJ Hooker Commercial.

Wow, so you’re getting paid while studying?

Yes. And learning lots. One of my teachers, Carmel Nash, has really helped me. She was in real estate before she was a TAFE NSW teacher and that just really makes it. She’s reinforced to me that being genuine and honest are real keys to the industry.

I am also completing a TVET course at school in Hospitality. I really enjoy the hands-on style of learning and having the ability to use these skills in the future.

With real estate, it gave me a better understanding of everyday tasks in the office. It also made me tenacious and gave me the confidence to ask more questions and learn more than just the basics. I was told that it challenged my colleagues to think more broadly too.


So what’s the work like?

I love being able to work in an individual role but also communicate and help others with projects that are being worked on by the entire team in the office. As a team, it is important that everyone is aware of what has been completed and what needs to be done.

The traits I think are important to positively influence others are to have a depth of knowledge, be your open genuine self, a team player and overall a love of what you do. In addition to this, good interpersonal skills combined with excellent personal presentation is really important in real estate.

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