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The joy of learning - and where it can take you

Pursuing a passion and mastering a new skill creates a powerful sense of fulfilment and happiness

The joy of learning - and where it can take you

There's no doubt that education can lead to some pretty awesome outcomes. But what about the educational journey itself? We've all heard the saying that it's just as much about the journey as it is about the destination. And this holds true for learning. Here are some different reasons why learning simply for learning's sake can be an enriching and valuable experience.

You never know what learning is going to lead to

While at university, Steve Jobs did a calligraphy course for no other reason than because it seemed interesting. At the time, he never thought what he was learning would have any practical application, but years later when he was creating Apple's first Mac, he included a range of different writing styles he'd learnt in calligraphy class. This is why you have the option of using hundreds of fonts on your computer today.

Learning makes you a better person

Whether it's line dancing, French or thermonuclear physics, learning something new broadens your mind, piques your curiosity, exposes you to different worlds and brings you in contact with people you otherwise would never have met. The happiest and most successful people tend to be those who maintain an interest in the world around them and are determined to keep on exposing themselves to new things no matter how much knowledge they've already accumulated.

Learning creates new opportunities

Pursuing a passion and mastering a new skill creates a powerful sense of fulfillment and happiness. One of the main things that makes human beings human is this delight in acquiring knowledge, even when it has no immediate purpose. Learning for learning's sake was what created civilisation in the first place. And it's what continues to enrich people's lives thousands of years after the first books were written.

Learning is a joy when approached with the best intentions. It's not only a way to broaden your horizons, it can also open up career pathways you never thought possible. If you're looking for a change, TAFE NSW offers a diverse selection of courses that can lead you to that dream job.

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