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Your guide to (completely) change your career

Two mature age students share their career change insights.

Your guide to (completely) change your career

Building your future

Beatriz Wright morphed from graphic designer to childcare worker, and then to building designer. Now she has a dream job with Ferntree Homes.

Meanwhile, after spending years on-stage as a professional singer, Fiona Treloar also decided to make the change to building design.

We talked to them to get some insights into moving careers in a new direction.


When do you know it's time to make a change?

You never really know for sure - everybody is different. But if you've been thinking about a change – there's nothing stopping you. Don’t let fear be the thing that holds you back.

  • Fiona (pictured) was working most weekends, performing at weddings and corporate events, while also raising a child. She needed a lifestyle change. Fiona decided to do some research and discovered a course that she was interested in, and that would also get her valuable, in demand job skills.
  • Beatriz: “I had a yearning to do something creative, but didn’t want to go back into graphic or web design as the fields had changed so much while I was working in childcare.”


A career change can feel like a big risk. But a rewarding new career that you love can be incredibly uplifitng.

Finding the right direction

Your interests, your passions, and your values should inform everything you do. Including study and your career.

It’s not completely up to your 'heart' to make the decisions though, so do your research. If you’re looking to change careers, check out the statistics into industry trends within your chosen field. You want to look for growth industries and predicted skills shortages.

  • Fiona: “I chose to study building design for a few reasons; one of which was a concern for the environment and what I could contribute to environmental issues. The skills shortage and employment opportunities in the industry also came into play, as well as changing careers to something that I can do as I grow older.”
  • Beatriz: She knew she was on the right track as the Australian Government’s Job Outlook predicts there will be about 1,800 openings a year for qualified architects and landscape architects.


Choosing the right course

Make your study work for you by finding a course and delivery style that suits your lifestyle, and your career goals.

  • Beatriz chose TAFE Digital: “It was tremendous being able to access mainstream course-ware, attend virtual classes and discuss assignments via chatbots with other students from the comfort of my own home."
  • Fiona chose to study on campus: “Even though there are parts of the course that have really challenged me, my teachers are brilliant – every one of them has gone out of their way to ensure we understand the concepts. They have also been flexible and allowed us plenty of time to catch-up if work or family have taken priority. The classroom environment is supportive, a mix of low pressure but high encouragement.”

TAFE NSW can get you ready for your dream job - in whatever way best suits you.

Beatriz designs houses

Finding your dream job

You need to be properly skilled and job ready to fully ensure that your qualification works for you. TAFE NSW can give you the skills you need that allows you to follow your passion. 

  • Beatriz (pictured above): Designing duplexes for Ferntree Homes. She says “it’s a thrill when plans are passed through and you see your work coming to fruition, with buildings emerging from draft inception stage right through to completion.”
  • Fiona: Career dream to work in a design firm conscious of environmental issues: “I’m enjoying learning how to create designs that are sustainable."


Manage the change