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Julijana Griffiths

"I have learnt so much, this goes much deeper than previous workshops I had attended or YouTube tutorials. This is on a different level."

Julijana, photography student

Photographer Julijana Griffiths says she knew how to take photographs and knew her camera – but needed to formalise her knowledge. Studying Photography at TAFE NSW was the natural way to enhance her career skills.

"My TAFE NSW teachers used their industry connections to offer real-life photography experiences," says Julijana. "My teacher Linda still works in the industry and shares her working scenarios with us, that’s a great dimension to have."

The results were astounding: Julijana made the final stages of Capture magazine Australasia's Top Emerging Photographer Competition 2018; and the nation's largest photography competition, Head On.

Check out some images from Julijana's photo-essay Prisoner of Age, submitted to Capture. It features images of her father, Gordon.

Photos: Julijana Griffiths

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