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Payment Methods

TAFE NSW is committed to paying our suppliers on time through continuous improvement of our accounts payable process.

Our transition to the SAP Ariba Network enhances our ability to transact with you efficiently.

Currently there are two ways of receiving payment from TAFE NSW:

  • Corporate Purchasing Card (PCard)
  • Correctly Rendered Invoice (CRI)

Our team use Pcards for low risk and low value purchases (under $10,000) when we do this the supplier receives payment immediatly at the point of sale. In most other cases we'll use a Purchase Order (PO) - this will include a unique 10 digit 'PO number' which must be referenced on the supplier's subsequent CRI.

If you are carrying out work for TAFE NSW please check at the onset whether you are being paid by Pcard or via a PO. Any invoices received that do not reference a valid PO number will be rejected and payment will be delayed.

Credit accounts

It is a legislative requirement for our staff to get internal authorisation prior to purchasing goods or services. Our staff are not permitted to open credit accounts with suppliers.

If a TAFE NSW representative requests a credit account you should:

  1. Decline their request
  2. Offer a quote for the goods or services
  3. Request payment via a PCard or Purchase Order
  4. Submit a CRI (if being paid by PO) as per the guidance on the Working with TAFE NSW webpage.

TAFE NSW Customer Account

Supplier's may need to setup TAFE NSW with a customer account within their system so that we can effectively transact with each other. The below letter provides the necessary information for TAFE NSW to be set up as a customer.

TAFE NSW Customer Account Information


Submitting an invoice

Suppliers must submit their invoice using the Ariba Network, either by 'PO Flip' or through submission of an invoice 'on Contract'.

For assistance with submitting an invoice please refer to these helpful guides:

Unless otherwise agreed, a CRI will be paid within 30 calendar days from the date of invoice.

Credit notes

In order to make sure that both your Refunds and Credit Notes are processed without delay, we ask the following:

  • If you are unable to deliver part of an order, ensure your invoice covers only that part which was delivered
  • If a Credit Note is required, you must reference the original invoice number on the Credit Note
  • Work with your TAFE NSW contact to facilitate the process

Supplier data maintenance

If your business details change, make sure you let us know so that we can update our records.

For bank detail changes, please email a PDF document, with the changes required, on a signed company letterhead along with a recent bank statement- so we can validate the authenticity of the request.

If you have recently changed your Business Name or ABN, please call our Shared Services Help Desk (contacts below).

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