Working with NSW Government - Procurement

Working with NSW Government

As a NSW Government agency, TAFE NSW aligns itself with the procurement policy and guidelines of the NSW Government, which includes utilising existing Whole of Government (WoG) arrangements where they are available.

NSW Government arrangements include contracts, prequalification schemes and panels. They cover a vast array of goods and services ranging in types from best price, maximum price, retail convenience and quotation-based contracts and prequalification schemes. Some arrangements include a process to add new suppliers throughout the arrangement term.

Visit the NSW Government ProcurePoint website to learn more about working with NSW Government and potential opportunities.


To become a NSW Government agreement supplier, you need to first register on eTendering which is the online tendering system used by NSW Government agencies to advertise, and often manage, procurement opportunities.

TAFE NSW advertises all its public tenders over $150,000 on eTendering and interested suppliers must be registered with this system to download tender information including agency forward procurement plans.

Registered suppliers

  • can apply for prequalification schemes
  • can 'add to watch list' planned procurements
  • get timely emails about upcoming opportunities
  • can respond quickly to opportunities posted on retendering
  • see details of awarded contracts

Each financial year NSW accredited clusters and some agencies publish forward procurement plans that give an indication to the market of what they will be tendering for in the coming year. While this information is subject to change, it can be helpful to know what is on the pipeline.

View the current Procurement Plan List

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