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Electrotechnology Courses

Electrotechnology courses offer students a chance to gain hands-on experience and apply their expertise in the electrical and construction industry.

Courses in this sector are formulated to equip you with the practical skills and background knowledge you need to accomplish installation, repair and design tasks within any organisation.

Popular courses in Electrotechnology

Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

Course code: UEE30811

Do you want to be an Electrotechnology Electrician? Study this nationally recognised course to gain the skills you need to further your education.

Certificate IV in Industrial Electronics and Control

Course code: UEE40911

This electrician course has a great selection of units to choose from including arranging circuits, control and protection for general electrical installations, setting up basic security systems, developing detailed electrical drawings, and creating structured programs to control external devices.

Diploma of Electrical Engineering

Course code: UEE50411

This engineering course offers detailed units including complex electronic circuits controlling fluids, developing electrical integrated systems, connecting electrical coils, and planning the electrical installation of integrated systems.

Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start)

Course code: UEE22011

Kickstart your career in electrotechnology! Study this nationally recognised Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start) to introduce you to the world of electrotechnology teaching you the abilities you need for work entry.

Statement of Attainment in Sustainable - Designer-Installer of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems

Course code: UEESS00101

Are you keen to develop your sustainable skills? The Statement of Attainment in Sustainable - Designer-Installer of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems will cultivate your knowledge and expand your skill-set to work in the Electrotechnology industry.

An electrotechnology course can lead to a number of job opportunities, from working as an electrician for a small business to computer repairs and assembly. Qualifications in electrotechnology can lead to a job as an electrician, electronics engineer, special class electrician or an air-conditioning technician. The average weekly salary for an electrician is $1,365.Whether you're just starting out in your electrotechnology career, want to gain more qualifications, add to your previous experience, or simply broaden your horizons, TAFE NSW offers a wide variety of courses at a number of levels to suit you. TAFE courses in the area include Electrical Engineering, Electrician, Irrigation, Industrial Electronics and Control, Audiometry, Aeroskills, Electrotechnology, Security Equipment.