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Environment and Agriculture Courses

Environment and Agriculture courses offer students the tools to further their passion for environmental protection and to utilise them in a work-based setting.

Dream of working outside amongst Australia's terrain? Then set out to work in horticulture, conservation, water management or even beekeeping. An environmental and agriculture course can bring you a career full of great challenges and real rewards as you change the way we interact with our environment.

Popular courses in Environment and Agriculture

Certificate III in Agriculture

Course code: AHC30116

The qualification enables individuals to select a livestock production, cropping or livestock context as a job focus or, in the case of mixed farming enterprises, both cropping and livestock.

Certificate IV in Organic Farming

Course code: AHC41616

This course allows you to develop skills and knowledge within the organic farming and general agriculture industry. It is designed to meet the needs of supervisors or team leaders working in the organic agriculture industry.

Diploma of Horticulture

Course code: AHC50416

The Diploma of Horticulture reflects the role of those who manage amenity horticultural enterprises where a range of skills and knowledge across the breadth of the industry is required or personnel working in horticulture at a level requiring higher technical skills.

An environment and agriculture course can lead to a number of job opportunities, from pruning gardens and working with landscapes as a horticulturist to planning, managing and optimising water resources. The average weekly salary for a land care worker is $1,046.Whether you're just starting out in your environment and agriculture career, want to gain more qualifications, add to your previous experience, or simply broaden your horizons, TAFE NSW offers a wide variety of courses at a number of levels to suit you. TAFE courses in the area include Agriculture, Irrigation, Organic Farming, Agribusiness Management, Conservation and Land Management, Environmental Management and Sustainability and Production Horticulture.