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    Statement of Attainment in Chainsaw Operation - Trim and Cut and Pole Saw Operations

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    OverviewAbout this course

    Gain a range of physical and machine skills in an outdoor environment. Develop expertise to manage, maintain, and operate chainsaws and pole saws efficiently and safely. Take the opportunity to enhance your job prospects in forestry and landscaping.

    OutcomesWhat you'll gain

    Learning outcomes

    Through a mixture of theory and practical course work, learn to:

    • Operate chainsaws safely and efficiently

    • Perform maintenance on chainsaws to ensure long-term use

    • Assess risks and prepare work sites for safe operations

    • Use a pole saw for tree trimming, complying with safety standards

    • Cut and manage felled trees effectively

    • Apply environmental protection measures during operations

    Course outcomes

    Gain practical experience and develop specialist skills that give you an advantage in the job market.

    • A nationally accredited Statement of Attainment

    • Advanced chainsaw and pole saw handling and maintenance skills

    • Expertise in tree trimming operations

    • Enhanced safety skills and risk management capabilities

    • Industry connections and real-world problem-solving experience

    SuitabilityIs this course right for you?

    Entry requirements

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    • There are no entry requirements for this qualification. You can enrol today.

    Entry recommendations

    To be prepared for this course, we recommend that you have:

    • A strong safety mindset for your own safety and the safety of others

    • A cool head when faced with stressful situations

    • A love of working outdoors

    • Intermediate level fitness to manage physical demands

    • Good hand-eye coordination and ability to lift, carry and use pole saws

    • Good spatial awareness for pole saw placement and to avoid falling branches

    • Suitable clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) such as lace-up steel-capped boots with good ankle support, long-sleeve shirt and long pants (or overalls)

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    PathwaysFuture career and study options

    Career pathways

    Our graduates go onto roles like: forest worker, arborist, production horticulturist, forester, landscaper, groundskeeper, utility arborist, municipal worker and tree care technician.

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    The Statement of Attainment in Chainsaw Operation - Trim and Cut and Pole Saw Operations does not have any pre-requisite courses.

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    UnitsUnits taught in this course

    Core units are central to the job outcomes of a particular industry or occupation. These are the units industry has agreed are essential to be capable and qualified at a particular study level.

    • Follow workplace health and safety policies and procedures in forest and wood products operationsFWPCOR2210

    • Maintain chainsawsFWPCOT2254

    • Cut materials with a hand-held chainsawFWPCOT2259

    • Trim and cut felled treesFWPCOT2273

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