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Information Technology Courses

Do you live and breathe technology? As the world is developing digitally at a fast rate, great information technology (IT) professionals, from programmers and analysts to game and database designers, are needed everywhere. An information technology (IT) course can help you become a professional problem-solver and earn great financial rewards.

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  • Independent
  • Action-oriented
  • Logical

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Job Opportunities:

  • Network support technician
  • Information technology (IT) security analyst
  • Information technology and communications (ICT) manager
  • Systems administrator
  • Software developer
  • Helpdesk officer
  • Computer engineer
  • Game designer
  • Sales and marketing specialist
  • Web designer

Fun Facts

Google was originally called Backrub

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(based on the average weekly salary for earnings ICT managers)

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moderate growth of job openings for game designers

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employed information technology and communications (ICT) managers in Australia