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Certificate II in Further Study Skills

National Course Code: 10591NAT


The nationally accredited Certificate II in Further Study skills is your opportunity to bridge the gaps in your previous education. You will strengthen the core skills needed in every occupation, learn strategies to manage your study time and gain the confidence to achieve your career goals.


Through a mix of theory and practical coursework, learn to:

  • Use technology for presentations and research
  • Study better
  • Improve your reading, writing, science and maths skills


Develop the attributes to help you get ahead:

  • Self-motivation
  • Ability to collaborate with a diverse range of people
  • Identify areas for improvement


Completing this course provides you with:

  • A nationally recognised qualification at Certificate II level
  • Pathway into the Defence Force, apprenticeship and traineeships
  • Confidence to pursue further studies in a formal learning environment

Career opportunities:

  • Completing this qualification will allow you to use your work skills to get a job or apply for a promotion.


Take your study to the next level with:

  • Certificate III in Pathways to Further Study
  • Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation


This course is currently available at 13 campus locations across NSW. Enquire now for other locations.

Course details

People who are successful in this course are:

  • Committed to complete the course work and additional independent study
  • Ambitious to work towards their career
  • Keen to learn and strengthen their skills

Assessments give you the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned and to identify the areas that may need further development. All assessments in this course are ungraded and include:

  • Research projects
  • Short written reports
  • Portfolios: written documents - letters or emails, career portfolios
  • Short presentations
  • Scientific experiments and results
  • Drafting, editing and publishing texts, e.g. pamphlets
  • Short answers to maths questions and problem solving tasks
  • Creating and working with maps and diagrams
  • Practical tasks: using technology, demonstrations under observation which differ according to the unit studied

This course is designed to help you learn how to study in a classroom and online environment to successfully undertake futher studies. You will develop foundation skills including reading, writing, numeracy and digital literacy. You will gain effective study strategies and improve targeted areas like maths and science to prepare for higher level courses, trades or traineeships.

The Certificate III in Pathways to Further Study is the equivalent qualification to Year 11 of high school. This course will prepare you for entry into further study or to careers that require a minimum of Year 11. You will also develop your critical thinking and academic skills, improve your research and written skills and work on your eLearning skills to engage with a range of technologies. It will also prepare you for further study in science, technology, engineering and mathematics vocational areas.

Depending on your campus location, local partnerships with TAFE NSW and the units you have selected, you will have the opportunity to participate in excursions including:

  • Visits to workplaces
  • Cultural visits or community events
  • Local community or government services
  • Community resource centres or information centres
  • Field trips for science

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Using a computer - using word processing and presentation software
  • Research using the internet and library resources
  • Working with in teams
  • Practicing oral communication - interviews, presentations
  • Preparing your resume, applying for jobs and practicing job interviews
  • Independent adult learning skills in a formal learning environment
  • Planning and completing projects
  • Practical skills in industry specific (vocational) units

You will work on real world projects, such as:

  • Scientific investigations
  • Research and analysis of current real world issues
  • Using technology to present information
  • Preparing job applications and developing a career portfolio

TAFE NSW campuses offer classrooms designed for learning in a friendly and supportive environment. You will have access to libraries, computers and other digital devices, the internet, books and audiovisual resources, study support, outdoor areas and student kitchens and meeting areas.

Student facilities, amenities and support services include:

  • TAFE NSW Disability Support Service
  • TAFE NSW Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support
  • TAFE NSW Aboriginal Support; Learner support (ABE)
  • TAFE NSW Careers, Counselling and Pathways Service
  • Studiosity - online access to a tutor

Adaptive technologies can be made available if you have specific needs.

The course prepares learners for futher studies in a diverse range of vocational areas.

The course develops skills for further study including problem solving, creativity, communication, teamwork, digital literacy, critical thinking and presentation skills. These skills are recognised by industry as vital to workplace performance.

There is a strong focus on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math) to develop confidence in selecting further study options in fields where future employment growth is predicted.

  • Nationally Recognised Training
  • On campus, Combination
  • Full Time, Part Time, Variable

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