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Certificate III in Pathways to Further Study

National Course Code: 10769NAT


The nationally accredited Certificate III in Pathways to Further Study is a Year 11 equivalent course, designed to give you the academic knowledge and practice for higher level study. You will learn the essential skills employers are looking for and be able to take the next step toward your study goals.


Through a mix of theory and practical coursework, learn to:

  • Write in an academic manner
  • Set goals and manage your time
  • Research efficiently
  • Undertake scientific experiments
  • Complete general and/or advanced mathematics


Develop the attributes to help you get ahead:

  • Good problem solving skills
  • The ability to work alone and in groups
  • Great communication skills


Completing this course provides you with:

  • A nationally recognised qualification at Certificate III level (Year 11 Equivalent)
  • Strong pathways to continued study

Career opportunities:

  • Employment in careers that require a Certificate III or Year 11 equivalent


Take your study to the next level with:

  • Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation
  • Further vocational study at Certificate IV and above
  • Entry into Tertiary education (upon completion of the Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation)


This course is currently available at 54 campus locations across NSW. Enquire now for other locations.

Course details

People who are successful in this course have:

  • A desire to further their career and study goals
  • The drive to create a strong foundation in reading, writing, and research skills
  • The ability to work alone and in groups
  • Good problem solving abilities

Assessments give you the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned and to identify the knowledge or skills that may need further development. In this course you will undertake:

  • Written assessments which include essays, reports, and tests
  • Practical assessments which include demonstrations, and presentations

Support is available when preparing for assessments. Teachers can provide feedback on draft assignments, essays and reports prior to final submission.

The Certificate II in Further Study Skills is a basic entry level qualification that provides no exposure to simulated or real world experiences. It aims to build confidence with study and basic classroom skills at a Year 10 or equivalent level.

This course, the Certificate III in Pathways to Further Study, is the equivalent to Year 11. It is an entry level qualification that provides no exposure to simulated or real world. It covers your foundational skills and is a direct pathway into the Certificate IV of Tertiary Preparation.

The Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation is the equivalent to Year 12. It is where youll gain all your underpinning experience to further your education in either a Diploma or a University course. It provides real world exposure where you will apply what you are learning in simulated environments. Youll practice your skills at an intermediate level.

Depending on your campus location and local partnerships with TAFE NSW, you may have the opportunity to participate in excursions that take you behind the scenes at local events or exhibitions that are relevant to studies.

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Writing academically
  • Researching academic information
  • Project planning
  • Computer and technology skills
  • Independent learning, study and revision skills

TAFE NSW is known for delivering theory along with practical, hands-on learning. You will work on real world projects, such as:

  • Applying knowledge and skills to various real world and theoretical issues
  • Learning strategies are developed to enable ongoing participation in further study

TAFE NSW offers you a range of online and on campus study environments - industry specific computer rooms, simulated workplaces, study areas, presentation areas and general student facilities - to enhance your learning and employability.

Student facilities, amenities and support services include:

  • TAFE NSW Disability Support Service
  • TAFE NSW Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support
  • TAFE NSW Aboriginal Support; Learner support (ABE)
  • TAFE NSW Careers, Counselling and Pathways Service
  • TAFE NSW Library Guide
  • Studiosity - online access to a tutor

The demand is high for individuals who possess a strong foundation in reading, writing, social and technical skills. The Certificate III in Pathways to Further Study provides you with the appropriate tools to meet these demands, and reach your career goals.

The Australian training and employment climate is rapidly evolving, and employers need Year 11 and Year 12 certificate holders who can demonstrate solid foundations in reading, writing, math and technology skills.

This course will support you in gaining these skills to use in further study and career environments. It also focuses on goal setting and time management which enables you to be efficient in your aspirations.

The Certificate III in Pathways to Further Study is the first step into an alternate entry to Tertiary study, and provides a launch pad into multiple careers (across industries) where you can flourish.

  • Nationally Recognised Training
  • Blended, Full Time, Part Time Day, PT Connected
  • Fully Subsidised Course
  • Fully government-subsidised
  • JobTrainer

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