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TAFE Statement in Safer Drivers Course

Course Code: 162-25601V03


The Safer Drivers Course is designed to improve the safety of young learner drivers as they progress to a provisional licence and drive unsupervised.
This course will improve levels of safe driving by focusing on how to manage road safety risks, increasing current driving skills and
acquiring new skills. This is done through a combination of facilitated classroom learning (Module One) and practical supervised instruction
from a professional driving instructor (Module Two).

Participation in the course entitles a learner driver to a 20 hour reduction on the 120 log book hours requirement.

Successful completion of the Safer Drivers Course requires the participant to attend and complete the Facilitated Group Discussion (Module One) followed by the In-Vehicle Module (Module Two).

To build on the learning experiences in Module One, the In-Vehicle Module must be completed as soon as possible within a month of completing the first module.

Module One -Facilitated Group Discussion to build awareness of risks, decisions and safe driving behaviours.
Module Two In-Vehicle Coaching practising low risk driving behaviours on public roads with the Coach and another learner driver.

This course is offered at various locations across NSW.


Sorry, this course is not currently open for enrolments.

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Sorry, this course is not currently open for enrolments

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