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TAFE Statement in Advanced Wheel Thrown Ceramics 1

Course Code: 165-29365V01


In this course you will develop wheel throwing techniques to realise a creative
body of work. Participants will learn how to throw larger and more complex
forms. This will include platters, and multi-piece forms.

You will learn how to:

  • design complex forms with multiple pieces
  • learn to manage and centre larger amounts of clay
  • learn to join multiple thrown pieces using various techniques
  • learn to decorate, glaze and fire your body of work.

Prospective participants should have completed an Introduction to Wheel Thrown
Ceramics or equivalent level of experience, and should be able to centre clay on
the wheel and have basic wheel forming and trimming experience.


Sorry, this course is not currently open for enrolments.

  • Short Course

Sorry, this course is not currently open for enrolments

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