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TAFE Statement in Introduction to Blockchain (TAFE/IBM)

Course Code: 800-000098


Did you know that right now the potential impact of Blockchain on society is being compared to that of the internet? Find out everything you need to know about Blockchain before it becomes the mainstream.

Introduction to Blockchain is a one-day course that will give you the super power to demystify Blockchain, even for your least tech savvy family member. Learn what Blockchain is, why and when we use Blockchain and how it is transforming industries, from financial markets to food supply chains. This Introduction to Blockchain course is the first course highlighting a basic understanding of the technologys core concepts, as well as an awareness of why and how different industries are using Blockchain to problem solve today. This should provide a good baseline for further courses that delve deeper into development (e.g. Hyperledger) and consulting. This course will be delivered in collaboration with IBM.


Sorry, this course is not currently open for enrolments.

  • Short Course

Sorry, this course is not currently open for enrolments

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