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TAFE Statement in Regulatory Safety Refresher II

Course Code: 800-000326V01


The Electricity Supply (Safety Plans) Regulations 1997 and the Network Operator's Safety and Operating plans require all persons working on or near the network (including access to Network Operators substations) to carry out training every 12 months in some or all of the following modules, dependant on training requirements:

  • Refresher Regulations,
  • Pole top release & rescue,
  • Rescue and release from live electrical apparatus (LV),
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation,
  • CDD release & rescue,
  • Emergency Lowering (EWP),
  • Environmental Guidelines,
  • Earthing/Neutral Phase Identification,
  • Aerial Rescue from a Tree Refresher, and
  • Access Permit Recipient.

These modules involve training in appropriate regulations, safety requirements, release and rescue, CPR, identification of supply and equipment familiarisation. These modules constitute the pre-requisite core-training requirement to gain an Authorised status as a Level 1 - Service Provider in NSW. These modules also enable employees and contractors to be authorised by companies who are classified as Network Owners to work on or near live electrical apparatus in Substations and switch rooms.


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