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Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (Operations Stream)

National Course Code: CPC40912


The nationally accredited Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (Operations Stream) is designed to help plumbers and gas fitters expand their specialist skills. Build your own business, become a supervisor and be eligible to apply for your plumbing, drainage and gas fitting licence.


Through a mix of theory and practical coursework, learn to:

  • Design and size sanitary and stormwater drainage systems
  • Design domestic treatment plant disposal systems
  • Install gas, roof drainage systems, and hot and cold water systems
  • Read and interpret plans and specifications
  • Estimate and quote jobs


Develop the skills to help you get ahead:

  • A strong work ethic
  • The ability to work independently
  • Good organisation and multi-tasking ability
  • An aptitude for working with their hands
  • A love of working both indoors and outdoors
  • An aptitude for project work


Completing this course provides you with:

  • A nationally recognised qualification at Certificate IV level
  • Eligibility to apply for your plumbing licence
  • The skills and knowledge to start your own business

Career opportunities:

  • Plumbing, drainage and gas fitter contractor
  • Self-employed business owner of a plumbing business


Take your career further with:

  • Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (Hydraulics)
  • Diploma of Hydraulic Service Design

This course is superseded. You can still enrol in this course, and you will be contacted if you need to transition into the next version when it is available.

Course details

People who are successful in this industry have:

  • A strong work ethic
  • The ability to work independently
  • Good organisation and multi-tasking ability
  • Great dexterity
  • A love of working both indoors and outdoors

Assessments give you the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned and to identify the knowledge or skills that may need further development. In this course you will undertake:

  • Written assessments which include short answer and multiple choice
  • Practical assessments which include coordination tests and project design

The Certificate III in Plumbing is your entry level qualification and completion of this course will lead to registration as a journeyman plumber with NSW Fair Trading. This course gives you a strong foundation of plumbing skills through formal training with TAFE NSW, learning in simulated environments with TAFE NSW and if you are a trainee, on-the-job training with your employer.
This course, the Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (Operations Stream) focuses on management and supervisory skills to oversee a team of plumbers. This specialist plumbing training will also advance your technical skills. You will qualify for lucrative work as a plumbing contractor. This qualification is usually studied if you are wishing to gain a plumbing, drainage and gas fitting licence to allow yourself the opportunity to establish your own contracting business.

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Design plumbing plans for residential, industrial and commercial buildings

In the Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (Operations Stream) you will work on real world projects such as:

  • Creating working drawings of multi-story residential, commercial and industrial buildings

You will have access to industry specific drainage workshops, gas fitting labs, computer rooms, study areas, presentation areas and general student facilities available at most TAFE NSW campuses.

Plumbing services in Australia are forecast to generate $16.6 billion in revenue in 2019/20 and is set to increase by an average of 7.1% per year to 2024/25. This growth stems from improved demand from the residential and non-building infrastructure markets, a forecast upswing in housing investment and a strong outlook for household disposable income.
There is a high demand for qualified plumbers who can supervise teams of workers, as there is a large skills shortage in building and construction. The shortage has driven demand for technically skilled workers who can successfully troubleshoot and solve differing varieties of plumbing systems.

TAFE NSW is one of Australias largest providers of skilled-trade training with thousands of employers choosing us to train their staff each year. We are passionate about quality, hands-on training that can help you reach your career ambitions. A career in this area gives you the chance to design, innovate and create within an industry that is desperately seeking qualified workers.

  • Nationally Recognised Training
  • Traineeship Allowed

This course is superseded

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