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Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production)

National Course Code: CUA50815


Do you dream of making albums or working on live shows? There are two versions of this Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production). The most common version is an all-around audio engineering course focused on organic music in the recording studio and in live performance venues.

The other version is focused on Electronic Music Production, and is primarily related to making music entirely in the computer. If a TAFE NSW location offers the Electronic Music version, you will see it in the location field of the course.

Both versions of the course will hone your skills in:

  • Recording and mixing
  • Artist production
  • Collaboration
  • Freelance business skills
  • Copyright
  • Sync licenses
  • WHS
  • Microphones
  • Monitors and more.

    The audio engineering version of the course will hone your skills in digital and analogue recording consoles, equipment set-up and signal flow, live audio mixing and PA systems, music production software and hardware and more.

    The Electronic Music version of the course will hone your skills in music production software, primarily Ableton Live, creating your own original music, beats, toplines and remixes, synthesis, pitch shifting, time warping, filters and effects, finding your niche as a producer, songwriter and/or DJ, plus much more.

    Completing this course will give you the skills and confidence required to pursue a career as a music producer, recording engineer, mix engineer or a live sound mixer.

    Graduates of this music course go on to study an Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production), music degrees, or go straight into professional music work.

    NOTE: This course provides a Diploma of Music Industry with a specialsiation in Sound Production. Please enrol in a different course if you wish to achieve Diploma of Music Industry with a generalist outcome or different specialisation.


This course is currently available at 6 campus locations across NSW. Enquire now for other locations.

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  • Full Time

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