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Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology

National Course Code: FDF40311

This course is superseded


This qualification provides a senior technical level occupational outcome in food processing and supporting functions and covers a range of food related industries including but not limited to:

  • general food processing
  • meat
  • seafood
  • poultry including chicken meat and egg processing
  • dairy processing
  • confectionery
  • beverages
  • baking and cereals.

Job roles

This qualification targets those working in technical and supervisory roles covering product development, food safety and quality, food production and distribution, environmental functions, and the maintenance and monitoring of food processing systems. The job role requires technical skills and knowledge in the science and technology that support food processing.

Job titles may include:

  • food technologist
  • production line manager
  • quality systems coordinator
  • food safety systems officer
  • product development team member
  • processing systems coordinator
  • environmental systems officer (food processing).

  • Nationally Recognised Training

This course is superseded

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