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Certificate II in Aquaculture

National Course Code: SFI20111


The Certificate II in Aquaculture will give you the need-to-know practical, technical and administrative basics to get your start in the industry. You will learn how to:

- Harvest stock for a variety of products
- Carry out post-harvest operations
- Prepare stock for transport
- Maintain the quality of the stock culture environment or holding facility (water quality, temperature, flow, etc.)
- Maintain and construct stock culture structures and other farm structures

The Certificate II in Aquaculture can lead to careers in:

- Aquaculture Farming - Fishout/Put-and-take operations
- Hatcheries and nurseries
- Live post-harvest holding facilities
- Contract specialist services for aquaculture operations

This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway.


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  • Nationally Recognised Training
  • Traineeship Allowed

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