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Certificate II in Tourism

National Course Code: SIT20116


The nationally recognised Certificate II in Tourism will give you the foundational skills needed to launch your career in the exciting and broad industry that is travel and tourism. Learn how to source and utilise information, interact with customers and demonstrate social and cultural sensitivity.


Through theoretical and practical course work, learn to:

  • Source and utilise tourism and travel information
  • Interact with customers
  • Demonstrate social and cultural sensitivity
  • Access and interpret product information and operate online information systems


Develop the attributes to help you get ahead:

  • Great organisational skills
  • A commitment to customer service
  • Effective communication skills
  • Efficient problem-solving abilities
  • Good collaboration and teamwork skills
  • A passion for travel and tourism


Completing this course provides you with:

  • A nationally accredited qualification at Certificate II level
  • A strong pathway to continue your travel and tourism study

Career opportunities:

  • Tourism office assistant
  • Museum attendant
  • Retail assistant (Tourism)


Take your career further with the:

  • Certificate III in Tourism
  • Certificate III in Travel
  • Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism


Sorry, this course is not currently open for enrolments.

Course details

People who are successful in this course have:

  • Organisation skills
  • Commitment to customer service
  • Effective communication
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills

Assessments give you the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned and to identify the knowledge or skills that may need further development.

In this course you will undertake:

  • Theory knowledge assessments
  • Practical skills assessments

Depending on your current level of education, skills training and experience we can guide you to the qualification that best suits you. However, there are specific entry requirements and qualities for each of our qualifications, that you will need to meet before you enrol.

This course, the Certificate II in Tourism is an entry-level qualification designed to give you a broad overview of the tourism industry before you move on to further more specialised study. This course is also offered as a traineeship, so you can gain a recognised qualification and put your knowledge into practice at work.

The Certificate III in Tourism will give you the underpinning skills you need to work in tourism. Once youve successfully completed this course you will have gained the practical skills and knowledge required to work in a range of tourism settings. You will have the ability to complete routine tasks, procedures and to deal with the occasional unpredictable issue.

The Certificate III is a pathway qualification to the Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management which will provide you with management skills to work in the tourism industry.

The Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism will provide you with supervisory and leadership skills. It is designed to produce skilled workers with a broad range of specialised knowledge who can effectively coordinate travel or tourism services.

You will be able to operate independently or with limited guidance from others and use discretion to solve non-routine problems. Many will have supervisory responsibilities and plan, monitor and evaluate the work of team members.

This qualification provides a pathway to work in many travel and tourism industry sectors and for a diverse range of employers including travel agencies, tour wholesalers, tour operators, inbound tour operators, tourist attractions, visitor information centres and other tourism businesses.

The Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management is your management pathway to a career as a manager of a travel agency, tours, incentives, sales, or marketing in the exciting world or travel and tourism. You will learn to lead and manage a team, manage projects and take your travel and tourism career to the next level.

The Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management is the highest level of travel and tourism study you can undertake at TAFE NSW. It prepares you for a variety of senior leadership roles. You will learn to make effective strategic decisions, create marketing strategies, design and embed business planning and establish and conduct productive business relationships.

Depending on your chosen electives, you will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Customer service
  • Communication and teamwork
  • Tourism sales and operations

TAFE NSW is known for delivering up-to-date theory along with relevant, in-demand skills to ensure you are job ready.

Depending on your campus location, you may get to participate in meeting & greeting cruise ship guests and hosting shore excursions.

You will have access to industry specific computer rooms, studios, study and presentation areas, as well as the general student facilities available at most TAFE NSW campuses.

Student facilities, amenities and support services include:

TAFE NSW Disability Support Service
TAFE NSW Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support
TAFE NSW Aboriginal Support; Learner support (ABE)
TAFE NSW Careers, Counselling and Pathways Service
Smarthinking - online access to a tutor

Tourism is vital to the Australian economy and it is our largest services export. As a people-based industry, there is always demand for employees with excellent customer service and strong communication skills. Employers are searching for qualified people who are willing to provide quality experiences, both domestically and internationally, that keep patrons returning for more.

There is also an emerging demand for people who are have enhanced digital skills to engage with online and automated booking models, and to extract data to understand customer behaviour and target products and services.

Other trends include:

  • Sustainable and responsible eco-tourism
  • Second city travel as a response to over tourism
  • Motion based travel such as walks, cycle trips and boating

Tourism operators service three major markets; domestic, international and domestic business and government. There is a forecast demand of over 62,000 additional workers to 2023.

The design of this course has been informed by extensive consultation with industry to capture and address current and future skills needs.

The broad selection of electives that this course offers means our graduates are adaptable, flexible and able to work across a wide variety of tasks.

Tourism is a super growth sector and this course gives you a strong foundation in customer service, communication and collaboration skills which have been identified by industry as key drivers for industry growth and success.

  • Nationally Recognised Training
  • Traineeship Allowed

Sorry, this course is not currently open for enrolments

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