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Aviation engineering careers are where engineering, mechanics and science intersect. This safety-driven industry is growing and global.

Whether it's within Australia or around the world, cabin crew careers are all about service, people and travel.

Pilots have never been in more demand. Take off in a prestigious career that has no limits.

Whether you're based in regional, rural or metropolitan Australia - or somewhere else in the world - be a part of a career that keeps everyone safe and well-grounded.

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Have you ever wondered if the sky is really the limit? You don’t have to when you study an aviation course. You’ll follow your passion for flying as you learn what it takes to become a respected and skilled aviation specialist.

No two days will ever be as the same as you transport people safely from one destination to another enjoying the beautiful Australian landscape from a bird’s eye view.

We will be with you every step of the way as you take off into a rewarding career in aviation.

Promote safety from the ground up as you begin your career with a ground crew qualification.

Connect with people from all over the world, with a cabin crew qualification.

Discover the world of aviation engineering from a Certificate II through to the Diploma.

Embark on a rewarding and respected career as a pilot, with our Certificate IV and Diploma.

You’ll learn to apply aviation law to your operations, control an aeroplane on the ground and in the air, how to take off and land safely, fly at towered and non-towered aerodromes, use radio communications, understand navigation instruments and manage fuel, passengers and cargo.

All our aviation courses ensure you enter the industry with confidence and a lifelong commitment to safety. You’ll gain a wealth of insight and experience in the aviation field, while you learn from professional trainers with years of knowledge to share.

Whether you’re screening passengers in the airport, directing air traffic or flying an aeroplane, there are exciting career opportunities in the aviation industry, including:

  • Air cargo examination officer
  • Aviation supervisor
  • Cabin crew
  • Cabin service supervisor
  • Commercial pilot
  • Domestic airport screening officer
  • Flight attendant
  • Freight pilot
  • International airport screening officer
  • Private pilot
Start your career in the skies as a licensed pilot with the Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot License – Aeroplane).

They say life is short and the world is wide. People are travelling to dream destinations across the globe regularly for short holidays, business trips, long backpacking expeditions, and even destination weddings. Over the next two decades, the commercial aviation industry is expecting to see a doubling of passenger numbers.

This is driving demand for professional aviation specialists across the country. Our aviation courses will make sure you become an asset in today’s industry while preparing you for the industry demands of tomorrow.


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What job opportunities could an aviation course lead to?

An aviation and aeroskills course can lead to a number of job opportunities; from piloting aircraft, and mechanical maintenance, to aeronautics and aerospace technology.

Qualifications in aviation and aerospace can lead to a job as:

  • an aviation aerospace professional 
  • an air traffic officer
  • a flight dispatcher 
  • an airplane pilot 

The average weekly salary for an aviation aerospace professional is $1,450. Whether you're just starting out in your aviation and aerospace career, want to gain more qualifications, want to add to your previous experience, or simply want to broaden your horizons, TAFE NSW offers a wide variety of courses at a number of levels to suit you.

TAFE NSW courses in this area include:

  • Aviation (Grounds Operations and Services)
  • Aeroskills
  • Aeroskills (Mechanical)
  • Aviation Commercial Pilot (Aeroplane Licence)