Accounting and Finance

Expertise in accounting and finance is essential for business success. TAFE NSW offers a wide range of courses in this sector, providing you with the knowledge and skills to deliver accounting and financial services to projects and ventures, both here in Australia and overseas.

Business, Leadership and Management

Whether you are just starting out or already have experience in a business role, a TAFE NSW course in Business Leadership and Management will provide you with insight and inspiration, as well as skills in business strategy and operational execution and effective team management, so you can thrive in a range of business environments.

HR/Training and Assessment

High-quality, well-trained staff are the greatest assets of a successful organisation. Whether you are interested in human resource management, recruitment and development, or Work Health and Safety, TAFE NSW can provide you will skills to stand out in a variety of roles in this indispensable sector.

Sales and Retail

Whether it is a global franchise or a corner store, business is not business without sales. From retail assistant to business development manager, employment opportunities continue to grow and our expert and industry-experienced teachers will show you how to make your mark in this exciting and interactive sector.