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TAFE NSW surveying qualifications can lead to careers in a range of different industries and sectors from roads to mining to residential to defence.

Learn about residential, retail, commercial and rural valuation, as well as about types of land usage, cultural land rights, building styles and heritage matters. Build your career right up with the industry-standard Degree.

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CAPE - Testimonial - Property Valuation / Civil Construction - Charlie Le

Charlie Le

Don't give up - find what fuels your fire

“The journey never ends. As long as you feel that you're doing the right thing, then I think that's the right choice.”

Charlie Le - Bachelor of Property Valuation

Charlie Le’s parents wanted him to pursue a career in medicine or another traditionally ‘prestigious’ field at university.

Unfortunately, Charlie had no real love for what he was studying.

“Eventually, I discovered a passion and love for property,” Charlie says. “And that's when I decided, ‘You know what? I'm going start doing property valuation!’”

In his second year, Charlie was fortunate enough to get a graduate position at a leading bank.

“You have to really think about what you want, and don't be scared to make mistakes. You're going to have to make mistakes to find out what you want.”


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Surveying is the art and science of using specialised equipment to map the environment. Studying surveying allows you to see the world from a different perspective, as you analyse landscapes to give essential information to engineers, architects, geologists and developers. Your expertise is vital for any successful build. It all starts with you.

Civil construction is a huge sector and is responsible for the designing, planning, and construction of civil infrastructure. Civil contractors build massive constructions that run along the surface – think buildings, airports, roads and freeways, bridges and railways, canals and dams, railways and tunnels. Working in civil construction allows you to shape the world we live in, one infrastructure project at a time.

Our courses in surveying and civil construction have strong study pathways. Start your career with a Certificate III and keep growing your career with a Diploma and then Advanced Diploma level to move into senior leadership positions.


  • Certificate III in Surveying and Spatial Information Services - trade qualification
  • Certificate IV in Surveying
  • Diploma of Surveying
  • Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying

Civil Construction trade

  • Certificate III in Civil Construction trade qualification and specialise in roads, surfacing, or bridges
  • Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision

Civil Construction design

  • Certificate IV in Civil Construction Design
  • Diploma of Civil Construction Design or Management
  • Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design

Enrol in a civil construction course and never have a dull day, as you learn to support engineers in planning, designing and testing buildings, transport infrastructure, irrigation systems, and commercial high rises. Civil construction design lets you think big, with endless career opportunities and exciting projects always around the corner.

Enrol in a surveying course and experience the variety in Australian landscapes, as you learn to read, design and collect maps, collate data, measure precisely and operate specialised software to perform advanced surveying tasks. Work towards becoming a land surveyor or survey technician as you prepare the foundation for projects across the country.

There are exciting career opportunities that can take you anywhere in this industry, with the most popular being:

  • Civil construction designer
  • Civil draftsperson
  • Civil contractor
  • Civil construction mobile plant worker
  • Land surveyor
  • Mining surveyor
  • Surveying technician
  • Surveying draftsperson

The construction industry is calling out for qualified workers, as the NSW government has invested $100 billion into infrastructure projects that will span the next 10 years. This investment has created a huge surge in construction industry jobs, with the national employment of building and surveying technicians forecast to increase by 19.5% over the next 5 years.

Whether you are looking to become a land surveyor, civil designer, or to ensure the integrity of beautiful civil construction designs, there is no better time to join the surveying or civil construction industry.

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What job opportunities could a civil construction or surveying course lead to?

Work with civil engineers, builders, project managers, and architects in the design and construction of major projects like bridges, commercial buildings, roads, dams, tunnels, and railways.

Civil construction and surveying courses offer students a chance to gain hands-on experience and apply their expertise throughout the construction industry. TAFE NSW qualifications can lead to careers in a range of different industries and sectors from roads, to mining, residential, and defence.

A civil construction and surveying course can lead to a number of job opportunities, from proposing structure designs, to overseeing crucial civil projects across the country.

The average weekly salary for a civil engineering professional is $1,923, and qualifications in civil construction and surveying can lead to a variety of jobs such as:

  • civil engineer
  • building surveyor
  • civil construction worker
  • quarry or mining operator
  • spatial information technician
  • cartographer
  • local council worker
  • structural or transport engineer
  • land surveyor
  • quantity supervisor
  • civil construction designer
  • civil works supervisor
  • building inspector

Whether you're just starting out in your civil construction and surveying career, want to gain more qualifications, add to your previous experience, or simply broaden your horizons, TAFE NSW offers a wide variety of courses at a number of levels to suit you.

TAFE NSW courses in this area include:

  • surveying
  • building surveying
  • civil construction
  • building design
  • spatial information services
  • civil construction design