Dream of working outside amongst Australia's terrain? Then set out to work in horticulture, conservation, water management or even beekeeping. An environmental and agriculture course can bring you a career full of great challenges and real rewards as you change the way we interact with our environment.

An environment and agriculture course can lead to a number of job opportunities, from pruning gardens and working with landscapes as a horticulturist to planning, managing and optimising water resources. The average weekly salary for a land care worker is $1,046.Whether you're just starting out in your environment and agriculture career, want to gain more qualifications, add to your previous experience, or simply broaden your horizons, TAFE NSW offers a wide variety of courses at a number of levels to suit you. TAFE courses in the area include Agriculture, Irrigation, Organic Farming, Agribusiness Management, Conservation and Land Management, Environmental Management and Sustainability and Production Horticulture.