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To be eligible to access government subsidised training in TAFE NSW you must be an Australian citizen or meet the criteria of being an Australian permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or Permanent Humanitarian visa holder.

You must also have a NSW residential address or be employed within NSW to be eligible to access government subsidised training places in TAFE NSW, including fee exemption or concession.

Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students from all Australian States and Territories shall have access to government subsidised training places in TAFE NSW.

Apprentices who are registered in other States and Territories and are required to undertake training at TAFE NSW will continue to be eligible to access government subsidised training places.

If you are not a resident of NSW or working within NSW, you will be charged a commercial fee.

When you enrol in a government subsidised TAFE NSW course you will be required to pay the'TAFE NSW fee' indicated in the table below, unless you qualify for a fee exemption or fee concession.

Only when your enrolment is complete and you have paid applicable fees will you be entitled to attend class, sit for examinations, receive educational awards, use amenities and services (including travel concessions) or receive an active TAFEcard (which provides access to library resources).

All TAFE NSW fees and charges are subject to change.

TAFE NSW fees for 2014

Qualification level / category Annual fee Fees for enrolments of
one semester or less
Advanced Diploma $1,818 $909
Diploma $1,514 $757
Certificate IV $1,140 $570
Certificate III $838 $419
Certificate II $534 $267
Certificate I $534 $267
Statements / Short courses $534 $267
Apprentices and trainees $506 $253
Government benefit recipients $106 $106
Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students $0 $0
Students with a disability (first course per year) $0 $0
Special access courses $0 $0


  • In addition to the TAFE NSW fee, concession fee or fee-for-service amount, some courses have other charges
  • International students and temporary visa holders may be required to pay a tuition fee in addition to the TAFE NSW fee.
  • The TAFE NSW fee does not apply to existing worker trainees, school-based apprentices and school-based trainees who are covered by separate funding arrangements.
  • TAFE-delivered HSC Vocational Education and Training courses for school students (TVET) are subject to separate funding arrangements.
  • Courses offered on a fee-for-service basis have different fees. Courses offered as fee-for-service include Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma courses, and some short courses.
  • Some students may be eligible for a Fee Waiver (PDF 84kB) under certain programs, which currently includes Course No 18208 – Diploma of Childrens Services (Early Childhood Education and Care) and Course No 25281 – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Advice for TAFE NSW students on TAFE NSW Fees and transitioning from 2014 to 2015

The NSW Government has released the 2014 NSW Skills List which defines courses supported by Government funding under new Smart and Skilled reforms to be introduced from January 2015. It covers all qualification levels Certificate II to Advanced Diploma, selected Foundation Skills courses at Certificate I and II levels, all apprenticeships and selected traineeships.

Transition arrangements for current and prospective TAFE NSW students
1 January to 31 December 2014 From 1 January 2015
Students commencing a Skills List course and who meet individual eligibility requirements will pay 2014 TAFE NSW fees up till 31 December 2014. (Government funding support continues to completion) Students continuing a Skills List course in 2015 will pay pro-rata Smart and Skilled fees and subsidies will apply.
  Students commencing a Skills List course and who meet individual eligibility requirements will pay Smart and Skilled fees and subsidies will apply.
Students commencing a non-Skills List course and who meet individual eligibility requirements will pay 2014 TAFE NSW fees up till 31 December 2014. (Government funding support ceases at 31 December 2014) Students commencing or continuing a non-Skills List course and who meet individual eligibility requirements in 2015 will pay commercial fees.

The Smart and Skilled website has further information on Smart and Skilled, including eligibility requirements.

Current and prospective students are encouraged to contact their local TAFE NSW College for advice on enrolment options.

Fee exemptions

Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are exempt from paying the TAFE NSW fee.

Students who live or work in NSW and who receive a disability support pension and students with a disability (clients of a Teacher/Consultant for students with a disability) are exempt from paying the TAFE NSW fee for one TAFE NSW course enrolment per year (and are eligible for a $106 concession fee for each subsequent course enrolment in that year).

To complete your enrolment, you will need to fill-in the 2014 TAFE NSW Fee Exemption application form and go to your chosen college.

Special access courses

Special access courses teach skills in:

  • career opportunities
  • community training
  • employment skills
  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • reading and writing
  • school mentoring
  • signed language
  • volunteer tutoring and
  • work readiness.

For more information please contact a your local Institute.

Concession fee

Students who live or work in NSW and who receive one or more eligible Commonwealth benefits or allowances at the time of their enrolment may be eligible to pay a concession fee rather than the full TAFE NSW fee.

All TAFE NSW fees and charges are subject to change.

In 2014, the concession fee is $106 per course enrolment.

Eligible benefits include:

  • Age Pension
  • Austudy (including Veterans' Children Education Scheme)
  • Carer Payment
  • Disability Support Pension (second or subsequent course enrolment per year, first enrolment is exempt)
  • Exceptional Circumstances Relief Payment
  • Family Tax Benefit Part A (maximum rate)
  • Farm Help Income Support
  • Mature Age Allowance
  • Newstart Allowance
  • Parenting Payment (Single)
  • Sickness Allowance
  • Special Benefit
  • Veterans' Affairs Payments
  • Widow Allowance
  • Widow Pension (including Widow 'B' Pension)
  • Wife Pension
  • Youth Allowance.

If you are a recipient of an eligible benefit or allowance, the concession fee may also be available to your dependent child, spouse or partner.

To complete your enrolment, you will need to fill in the 2014 TAFE NSW Concession Fee application form, and go to your chosen college with the documentation to support your application. (Your documentation may be provided via the Centrelink/DHS Express Plus mobile app.)

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 Go higher with a TAFE NSW degree
  • Duncan WilsonThe teachers were professional, approachable and always willing to go the extra mile to help me gain my qualification.Duncan Wilson
    Certificate IV in Community Services Work
    Illawarra Institute
  • Nicole MartelliPort Macquarie Campus has a relaxed look and feel to it with lots of little courtyards and outdoor seating, capitalising on the area's agreeable climate.Nicole Martelli
    Diploma of Remedial Massage
    North Coast Institute
  • Claudia LeeI loved the practicality of the course as everything used in the classroom relates to the industry and the teachers were fantastic! They have worked in industry and know their stuff.Claudia Lee
    Certificate IV in Screen and Media
    Northern Sydney Institute
  • Bruna DaudtNot only did I learn about a subject I am passionate about, the flexibility offered at Hornsby Campus allowed me to work and study at the same time.Bruna Daudt
    Diploma of Sustainability
    Northern Sydney Institute
  • Leslie WilliamsWe had a great time building a house for Aboriginal Housing. We got the feel of what it was like being on site around other trades.Leslie Williams
    Certificate III in Carpentry & Joinery, Certificate IV Building & Construction
    Riverina Institute
  • Alistair CouttsEvery class was fulfilling and taught with humour and in a way that was easy to relate to. The laughter and humour in the classroom helped us wade through the material and course in general.Alistair Coutts
    Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled-Division 2 Nursing)
    Riverina Institute
  • Matthew NimbsStudying online meant there was no daily travel required which is a significant time and money saver. The flexible learning allowed me to juggle study and family life whilst still getting my daily activities done.Matthew Nimbs
    Diploma of Conservation and Land Management
    North Coast Institute
  • Ashlee HodsonAshlee's advice for students contemplating studying at TAFE is "Do it! It can open up so many opportunities that you didn't know existed."Ashlee Hodson
    Business administration and human resources
    South Western Sydney Institute
  • Hamish ProustTAFE offers the appeal of smaller class size, personalised support and teachers with industry experience.Hamish Proust
    Environmental monitoring & technology
    Illawarra Institute
  • Rachael LachlanTAFE seemed like a perfect option for me that would fit into my lifestyle. It was not as expensive as university or a private college. The smaller class sizes made it easier to speak with teachers and get to know classmates.Rachael Lachlan
    Events management
    Northern Sydney Institute
  • Rabi ImamMeadowbank TAFE has great facilities... the flexibility offered in the course timetable ensured that I was able to work and study at the same time.Rabi Imam
    IT network security
    Northern Sydney Institute
  • Lachlan RobertsonThe St Leonards Campus is a fantastic place to study. The people are friendly and the learning facilities great... very modern, up-to-date and relevant.Lachlan Robertson
    Film and television
    Northern Sydney Institute
  • Shingisai-ChandoI chose to study nursing at Ultimo College because it has the best industry reputation in NSW for the Enrolled Nursing course.Shingisai-Chando
    Enrolled nursing
    Sydney Institute

  • Luke EastmanThe technical knowledge I gained at TAFE helped me to better understand the theory behind the design and identify the practicalities relating to the construction process.Luke Eastman
    Civil construction design
    Sydney Institute
  • Anne LeeOne of the key advantages of studying at TAFE NSW is that learning isn’t limited to the classroom.Anne Lee
    Certificate III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher)
    South Western Sydney Institute
  • Alex KeirI was about to drop out of school when a teacher told me about the school-based apprenticeship at TAFE. If you are considering doing a TAFE course go for it. You meet people with similar interests and get qualifications for the job of your dreams.Alex Keir
    Certificate II in Automotive Vehicle Servicing (specialising in light vehicle)
    South Western Sydney Institute
  • Brad FieldWorking in a supportive environment make this an absolutely terrific course. The teachers are extremely helpful, know their trade and always seem to go the extra mile just to help out. It is a benefit for life.Brad Field
    Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology (Heavy Vehicle Road Transport)
    Riverina Institute
  • Bree DonnellyThe skills, knowledge and experience I gained through my education have provided me with the confidence to further pursue my studies in business at university.Bree Donnelly
    Diploma of Management
    Northern Sydney Institute
  • Courtney ColemanI chose to be a school-based trainee because I wanted to experience working as a nurse before finishing school.Courtney Coleman
    Certificate III in Health Services Assistance Nursing
    New England Institute

  • Damien ManiOnce I got a taste of the TAFE education experience I was hooked. The best part of my experience was the flexibility to learn by attending classes after work.Damien Mani
    Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade and Certificate IV in Engineering
    North Coast Institute
  • Dianna SchultzTAFE assisted me with admission to university and gave me extra skills and knowledge to succeed in my degree. The teachers were fantastic and very knowledgeable.Dianna Schultz
    Certificate IV in Hospitality (Catering Operations)
    South Western Sydney Institute
  • Ethan WattersI heard positive reports about the Diploma course and believed the training was a stepping stone to further study.Ethan Watters
    Diploma of Nursing
    Hunter Institute
  • Jamie SkaltsounisTAFE provided the platform whereby I felt I could not just learn from the teachers, but also from other students and their work and business experiences.Jamie Skaltsounis
    Advanced Diploma of Business (Marketing)
    Sydney Institute
  • Jason AmiesMy study led directly to my current employment – it was through teachers and contacts at TAFE that I met my employer. I am currently employed as the events and sponsorship manager for a company that organises seminars in the health care sector.Jason Amies
    Advanced Diploma of Events Management
    Western Sydney Institute
  • Juanita WightsonThe best opportunity I have been given is to work and study at the same time. TAFE has enhanced my life by providing me with qualifications and ability to always be employed.Juanita Wighton
    Certificate III in Local Government
    Western Institute
  • Kirra MatikainenTAFE NSW has had a positive influence on me in many ways. I was able to build on skills and become the hairdresser I am today.Kirra Matikainen
    Certificate III in Hairdressing
    Hunter Institute
  • Kirrilee ToughI must admit that I was very nervous about “going back to school” but that soon turned to excitement when I realised the class was all feeling the same and we were all there for one reason – to learn.Kirrilee Tough
    Certificate III in Financial Services (Accounts and Clerical)
    North Coast Institute
  • Marie DolleyI needed to pursue a training course that was fully-accredited to enter the field.Marie Dolley
    Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
    North Coast Institute
  • Poppy ConroyIn a funny way, studying at TAFE actually helped me find more balance in my life. My teachers were the reason my experience was so positive and they believed in me which made all the difference.Poppy Conroy
    Diploma of Hospitality
    South Western Sydney Institute
  • Rosalie WhitelawThe difference with TAFE is that it offers you an environment where like-minded people come together to achieve similar goals. It gives you a support network like no other.Rosalie Whitelaw
    Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation
    Illawarra Institute
  • Sarah CoulthurstThe teachers are always offering their assistance and more than willing to help whenever you need them. I study flexibly, at a time which suits me, attend the campus when I need assistance and adapt my study to maximise my benefits.Sarah Coulthurst
    Certficate IV in Business
    Riverina Institute
  • Viengkeo PhoupraseuthI was nervous at first, worrying whether I would find enough work to keep me going. But TAFE opened up so many doors for me.Viengkeo Phoupraseuth
    Diploma in Interpreting
    South Western Sydney Institute
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