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Study HR courses at TAFE NSW and you will gain the most up-to-date, employer-guided training. Your course is designed in partnership with human resources specialists, and you'll learn to work in a team focused on providing leading HR advice and management. Teachers are HR experts who are still connected to the industry.

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Explore careers related to training design, training development and trainer, and set yourself up for a career for the future. Combine the rewards of education with hands-on industry knowledge and create your perfect career future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Human resources can be defined as both the employees who work for a business (a human resource) and the department (human resources) that manages resources related to these employees; including training, benefits and leave.

There are lots of reasons to study human resources and to undertake HR training with TAFE NSW. Our qualifications can lead to careers where you play a significant role in business success. If you are interested in supporting people, communication and making a difference to impact organisational culture enrol in a HR course today.

In a TAFE NSW course, you will learn human resource strategy and how to:

  • Balance the needs of employers and employees
  • Promote team effectiveness
  • Manage change and conflict
  • Contribute to organisational culture and awareness

Depending on the course you choose, you’ll also learn about performance management processes, recruitment selection and induction of staff, workforce planning, remuneration and how to support employee and industrial relations procedures.

You will also develop transferrable skills like organisation, problem solving, administration, presentation and communication making you a valuable asset in any industry.

Make your mark in human resources with roles like:

  • Human Resources Administrator and Coordinator
  • Senior human resources officer
  • Human resources director
  • Human resources manager
  • Human resources consultant
  • Change manager

You can start your career in human resources with the Certificate IV in Human Resources and apply for roles as a human resources assistant, coordinator or administrator or payroll officer.

If you’re interested in a senior role, and who wouldn’t be with the average human resource manager salary between $90,000 - $133,0001, consider going on to further study at TAFE NSW with the Diploma of Human Resources and the Advanced Diploma of Human Resources Management - both of which prepare you for more senior roles in the industry.


As a human resources professional you’ll be shaping the workforce of the future. Current trends include automation, developing socially responsible strategies in change management, workforce engagement and talent retention and employee satisfaction.

The workforce is anticipated to grow to around 245,000 people in 2021/22, which is an annual growth rate of 2.3%2. There are also expected to be 48,000 job openings national for human resources managers from 2018 – 20233.

The human resources and management industry is constantly evolving and now is the perfect time to strengthen your education and human resource development knowledge.

2 Deloitte Access Economics 2018, The future of work: Occupational and education trends in human resources in Australia, March 2018, p. 5, link
3 Job Outlook 2019, ‘Human Resource Managers’, link


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What job opportunities could a HR, Training and Assessment or WHS course lead to?

Our human resources, training and management courses can result in a variety of job opportunities through multiple career paths, such as HR training and Adult Education.

These courses will allow you to grow and manage your team's talents in a professional manner. The TAFE NSW courses will be a mixture of practical training and theory, to ensure you have all the skills you need to succeed in your future career.

There are a mixture of courses at TAFE NSW such as, Human Resources, Human Resources Management, Work Health and Safety, Training and Assessment, Project Management Practice and Training Design and Development.

TAFE courses in the area include Human Resources, Human Resources Management, Work Health and Safety, Training and Assessment, Project Management Practice and Training Design and Development.

Our Human Resources course will provide you with the most up to date practices and training to ensure you are able to provide leading HR advice and management. All of our teachers are HR professionals, who are still connected with the industry.

Within our Training and Assessment courses there will be a mixture of training education and also practical sessions so you can immerse yourself fully into your desired industry.

Whether you're just starting out in your HR, training or work health safety career, want to gain more qualifications, add to your previous experience, or simply broaden your horizons, TAFE NSW can help guide you in the right direction.