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Global, national or local, trade and logistics careers can be applied throughout sectors and always evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow's regulations and systems.

Storage and retrieval careers are based on technology and safety. Leverage TAFE NSW connections with employers and the industry that keeps Australia growing.

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When you study logistics courses at TAFE NSW, our industry expert teachers and our wealth of employer connections can help ensure that you have the skills, knowledge, and hands on experience, preparing you for logistics and warehousing careers such as:

  • supply chain director
  • supply chain manager
  • facilities manager
  • logistics analyst
  • process engineer
  • supply chain analyst
  • supply chain systems manager
  • warehouse operations manager
  • warehouse worker
  • transportation manager
  • fleet manager
  • inventory specialist
  • scheduler
  • production manager
  • procurement analyst
  • purchasing manage
  • client manager
  • account manager or sales rep
  • account specialist
  • customer service manager

When you study a logistics course at TAFE NSW, our industry experience teachers will guide you through theory and practical course work, to develop skills and knowledge in areas such as:

  • leadership and management
  • data analysis
  • safe and efficient goods storage and distribution
  • analysis of logistical problems
  • transport routes planning
  • complex problem solving
  • time management
  • critical thinking
  • interpersonal skills

The logistics industry develops optimal strategies, schedules, and solutions for delivering freight and cargo via roads, seas, and through the air. They work closely with the transportation industry, who are more focused on the specific modes of transport (I.e. trucks, planes, trains, ships, etc.) that perform the delivery of freight and cargo. In some instances, especially with larger companies, both the logistics services and transport services may be organised and carried out in-house, by just the one company.

TAFE NSW supplies the courses, the industry experienced teachers, the skills and knowledge, the qualifications, and more than 25,000 employer connections to help you start your career in logistics. You just need to provide the ambition to succeed.

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What Job Opportunities Could A Logistics Course Lead To?

By becoming a worker in this crucial link industry, you will be an integral part of the storage, transportation, and exchange of goods that occurs throughout nearly every organisation.

By studying a TAFE NSW qualification, you will gain the latest, industry connected skills in logistics and warehousing, and a huge range of career opportunities will open up to you. You may also be able to gain credit to a related degree. Designed and delivered in partnership with the logistics and warehousing industry, our courses ensure your career is in the best possible hands.

Because this sector embraces just about every other sector and organisation within, the opportunities in logistics and warehousing are nearly endless. Get your career moving with a course in logistics and warehousing at TAFE NSW, preparing you for roles throughout the industry like:

  • customs broker
  • distribution centre manager
  • international trade manager
  • logistics officer
  • logistics manager
  • operations manager
  • purchasing and supply officer
  • warehouse administrator


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