English Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Whether you are just starting out with the English language or you are looking to looking to expand your literacy and numeracy skills for further study or employment, TAFE NSW has a range of courses that will increase your confidence, help you feel more comfortable and get you where you want to be.

HSC, University Preparation and Further Study

Education and training can open a world of opportunities. TAFE NSW can assist you to build bridges to further study so you can reach a new future. So whether your goal is to finish your high school studies, gain entry to the Australian Defence Force, or to study for a degree at TAFE NSW or university, our courses and programs can help you. TAFE NSW courses and related support programs will boost your confidence and be an asset for life.

Translating, Interpreting and Languages

Embrace multiculturalism and bridge multiple worlds with a fulfilling career in languages. TAFE NSW courses in Translation, Interpreting and Languages will enhance your linguistic ability and provide you with skills to open dialogue, and build understanding. You can work in a variety of teaching or communication management roles across many exciting industries.